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These Mind Numbing TV SHOWS That Killed Your Relationship With People and Reality

Updated on June 2, 2017

I am getting so stupid!

Sex or TV? Both Seem Like Great Options

The moment you feel you need to drag yourself away from the television in order to have sex with your partner, is the moment you should realize, "Uh...oh...My relationship is in SERIOUS trouble."

Do you remember back in the day when you went to the movies just to make out? And now, when you go the moves with your other half you actually want to watch the movie?

Think about this for a moment. If you had ANOTHER chance with a brand new girl or guy and it was your first or second date, if given the opportunity, wouldn't you spend those next two hours playing tonsil hockey??

Yet here you are thoroughly enjoying the latest over-the-top special effects flick while your partner seems invisible.

And now, back at home, 'Being Human' is on and your partner decides to be seductive, which doesn't seem to happen all that often these days. Yet still, you feel that watching this TV show will somehow bring you greater happiness. You think that you can have sex at anytime and that this TV show is only on once a week. You are DEAD WRONG. Very soon that sex will be off the table for good.

The longer you live with somebody, being caught up in the bills and mortgages, raising kids and attending family functions, the more appealing your television shows will become.

I'm not kidding. I've suffered from it myself in the past. It's almost unavoidable. What's the other choice? Sit there and talk about our problems? Gawd.... that seems especially painful for a man.

So then how do you reconcile your thirst for high drama television when your long-term partner is just sitting there, waiting for life to improve and for things to get better between you two?

This is a question that has been brought to the attention of MANY marriage counselors around the world. It is perplexing and confusing. And it may not even be about compromise.

A compromise might be that you watch your partners shows and they watch yours. This means that you will now watch double the amount of television than before.

The next compromise is to spend more time out on excursions, yet that requires money, which so many people no longer have. And this may mean working longer hours and spending less time together.

But then you may think that the very best way to save money is to sit and watch television!

What is the next alternative? Computer games?

I have a great option that does not cost much money. It is called If you have not heard of it, go check it out. This website is full of groups of people who share common interests and go out for a good time together and often have ways to go out without spending much money at all!

I am sure this website has prevented many divorces.

But we digress. Sex or TV? You may only get one option. Here is a can always find your TV show online later.

Keep the love alive!

The Day I Became Enraged by a Crime on SVU

I knew I needed to change the day I felt a crime of injustice had been committed....on Law & Order SVU. I was horrified humans were so cruel. I could watch the entire investigation play out, with the wit and smarts of those SVU detectives and how they brought it through the court system, with the court case played out right in front of me.

I was so saddened the guy got away with the crime. He just walked! i wanted to write to the state demanding a retrial...and then I remembered that this was just a one hour television show. I had the state of real anger over something entirely fictional. It was actually affecting me.

That's when i knew sh*t had to change.

I wrote a list of TV shows that affected me daily, so many years ago and I systematically removed any time spent in front of the 'Smart TV' and pursued much greater goals.

This time was so long ago and I can happily say that the only time I watch a tv show is when I can get it online and it is down to Game of Thrones. That is about it. One hour of mind numbing after a day of thinking way too much.

In the days of working all day, thinking only about what I would have for dinner and what would be on the television are long over. Yet, with the huge expanse in television shows with expensive special effects, it seems that society is lost. Yep, TV looks so realistic now that you could swear a superhero is flying or a city is blowing up. Television shows are as good as movies now and the added benefit is that these televisions shows can go on forever, while the world around us fades away.

And then you begin to search for alternatives. You can begin to think to yourself, "You know, I am going to become more intellectual and watch the 24 hour news so that I can see what is happening in the world." WRONG!!!!

The news is even more mind numbing! In fact, you may be better watching fictional television than the news because at least these TV shows help inspire your imagination.

The news you see on the television is a far cry from what is actually happening in the world. But you can be tricked into believing it. In fact, the news makes the world seem so terrible that people just WANT to escape into their daily television shows just to drown out the perceived misery!

So, now you are faced with this huge dilemma. The news destroys your faith in humanity and you feel too helpless to do anything to help and your fictional television dramas provide your perfect escapism which it is welcoming.

Considering you know exactly what will happen the next day in your own life, it is easy to take the easy option right? Tomorrow, just like today, will be the same as yesterday. You will go to a job that no longer inspires you and you will look forward to clock off time and dinner in front of the "SMART TV". Hahaha...what a joke! you living it or is tv killing you?

The Love Affair is Over

Here are the top signs your life is in trouble because of tv

  • Your legal advice comes from Law & Order
  • You expect all of you problems to be solved in one hour or less
  • You define your own romance by how romantic they are on your favourite TV Show
  • Your think your wedding was horrible compared to the one on TV
  • You think the world is coming to an end because the news said it
  • You feel you don't need to travel the world because television brings it straight to you
  • You start to feel tv characters are real, live people
  • You have fallen in love with a TV character
  • You feel that watching sports is much more fun than playing sports
  • You become enraged when your favourite tv show is delayed for a week.
  • You are still single or now divorced and you barely notice the difference because you have a love affair with your television set.

Your Infatuation With Tv...Mmmmmm

Enjoy the buzzzzzzz
Enjoy the buzzzzzzz

Oh Gawd... TV Reality

TV Is Eating Your Brain

The Top Mind Numbing TV Shows

Criminal Minds
Law & Order (All of Them)
CSI (All of Them)
The Tomorrow People
Home & Away
Dr Phil

Turn your TV Off And Save Your Love Affair

It's Better To Open your Mind With TV Quality That Inspires


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    • Greg Dean profile image

      Greg Dean 3 years ago

      Well, this depends on what you are using your computer for. For many people, it can be used to educate yourself or make money.

      But I had noticed how unaccomplished I felt when I would watch tv show after TV show of scripted material where all turned out happy in the end, or forced me to wait until the next episode.

    • Pico Triano profile image

      John 3 years ago from New Brunswick, Canada

      The principles you talk about here could be applied to things besides the TV. Eg the computer. Nice hub.