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When Marriage Is Sick

Updated on December 31, 2012

Beauty In Love




I know that how to keep our marriage is a highly challenging problem in our world today. And most people who have ever valued their relationships have always sort for solution everywhere. And most times those solution go along way to help because they apply those truth. I believed that the little I will share here will go along way to be of a help to somebody.

when marriage is sick it means that, that marriage is physically challenged, and need a cure or a healing. You see, The power of this problem is enormous, in the sense that it can spoil the sweetness built over many years. And the way we handle this problems will determine the outcome. Most times we approach this problems with anger and rage, not knowing is a problem we must solve amicably. So many times this solutions lies within but anger and rage will not allow us to harness it. I believe if we can think it can all be solved. But lets think this way, in a scenario where a couple unfortunately had an abnormal child, they don't kill the child instead they think help and solution to save that child. I will encourage us today lets show the same attitude toward our marriage when is sick. I believed such a scenario has not in any way increased the rate of divorce in our marriages today.

You see, marriage is good and ordain by God. Marriage is a sweet thing and need to be consummated joyfully as a gift from God, while the earth last. Arch. Bishop Sam Amaga said, ’marriage is to be enjoyed not to be endured’. Is true that in marriage most times, we meet with what we did not bargained but I will say, we should not be discouraged.

The devil knows that if there is peace and harmony in marriage, that he has lost the battle. The devil knows that if the marriage is good, the home will be good and the nation tool. Again, how can the devil achieve is conspired evil and destruction against our nation? So he needs to stirred quarrel, confusions and fighting so that the marriage will fail and the children not well taken care off or well trained in this wrong atmosphere. The devil is always happy when the home atmosphere is tensed. And will love to see the children carrying the same mentality to their own marriages, and it will be a generational by product.

Have you asked yourself this question that why is it that the teenagers and the unmarried tends to express love, more than the married. 1. it is because they are ready to give it all that it takes 2.That is the tricks of the enemy; pushing the teenagers and unmarried into premarital sex and abortions and bring moral degradation to our society. Again, why is it that there are more peace in boy friend and girl friend relationships more than between the couple. I will encourage us, to be committed to what we believe.

Here, I want to commend the western communities; for their couples hold hands together, and kiss each other anywhere they are more than we Africans. But the irony remains that there are higher rate of divorce in the western communities more than the African communities. so, these kisses and holding hands together is good but does not guarantee long lasting relationship.

Please, I want to ask, what has happened to the love of my life? What has happened to my honey? What has happened to my only darling and my sweetie? Why will the center not hold again? For I understood, that it started sweet. Where has the sweetness gone; may it come back in Jesus name, Amen. Again, has the person changed over night? I know you may be telling me that he has changed, but I can assure you that he is still the same person, but it is an indication that the marriage is sick and needs healing.

I know that the problem may be ranging from the following:

1. He presses the tooth paste at the center while you are more cultured that it should be pressed from the bottom. Please correct her in love.

2. It could be that she is not a good cook; please, if you know as the husband teaches her or pays for her training.

3. It may be that he or she does not satisfy you sexually. The Bible said, learn to do well: Isaiah 1:17a. Bring a help tips that you practices together.

4. May be she nags too much. The truth is, there is root of bitterness in anyone that nags. Please heal that wound.

5. If it is the challenge of barrenness after waiting for a very long time; you could adopt a baby or go for baby test tube.

These are some of major steps to take in healing your marriage

1. Discover what the problem or problems are and make up your mind to solve it.

2. Forgive yourselves; knowing that to err is human to forgive is divine.

3. Ask for the “how” from those who have prove of long lasting relationship and marriage counselors.

4. Listen to his or her complains, communicate in love, and solve it.

5. In marriage don’t try to change any other person but try to change yourself.

6. Please whatever that is not achievable in immediately about him or her, please accept him or her the way he or she is and pray to God for a change. Always put yourself in the same shoe and take it as a sacrifice you need to do to salvage that relationship. It could be a little time you need to create to stay together, it could be sacrifice little of your culture or money, please do it and safe the person your love. For God will surely reward your effort and use you to save many other marriages because it has work for you.



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    • okno profile image

      okno 5 years ago from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

      Thank you so much aviannovice; for this is one step further from those who understood the realities of life. I agree with you that "simple things can do wonders" in life.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Simple things can do wonders!