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When You Feel As If You Are Under A Microscope

Updated on June 20, 2016

Feeling as if you are under a microscope is never a good feeling. What happens when it comes from people who are closest to you? What happens when they watch you so closely that they make comments on things that are not going right in your lives?

Some people say they are there to help you and not hurt you. Other people act like they want to help but they are actually hurting you. For instance you met a guy and he asked you out but the both of you did not go out on a date yet. Your so called friend asks you every single time they see you "How is that going?" "Did you go on that date yet?" "I don't understand why isn't he taking you out." "Can't he at least take you for a cup of coffee?" by the end of the conversation you are in tears.

First of all it is no one's personal business but yours if you are not going out with this guy. If you ask for advice or start telling your situation that is one thing. No one should be asking every time they see you about your dating life and then be making comments that will make you feel bad about yourself and your situation.

Second of all there is nothing wrong with being single. You do not have to be dating or in a relationship all the time. You could find happiness doing other things and then let love find you. After all love does happen when you least expect it. You do not need someone else to make you happy.

You will never be able to go with the flow and enjoy life as long as you have these people in your life. They will constantly be trying to steal your joy. You will be happy about something and they will try to turn the situation around and make you focus on the negative aspect of it. They will make you feel as if life is a race and everything has to happen at once and you can never just relax and enjoy the ride.

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If you haven't heard from a friend in a month and all of a sudden she calls you up the right after she says "how are you?" she wants to know your relationship status with the guy you are interested in and after you open up she makes rude comments is that someone that you want to be around. Yes people do get busy but your dating life shouldn't be the first topic of conversation. It should be up to you to bring it up to her. Otherwise it seems that she called just to get information out of you and give you negative advice.

People like this will drive you insane. They will make you cry all the time and you will be very unhappy. Sometimes unfortunately they could be people closest to you and you cannot get rid of them. They have to be people that you have to see everyday. You just can't cut loose and say goodbye like you would a friend or an acquaintance. What you should do is try to join a spiritual group or surround yourself with more positive people to outweigh the negative people

If you are not careful you will get anxiety and depression because of the comments that these people say. Their comments will get on your nerves and you will feel that you just can't take it anymore because they are always in your business.

You do not need people like this in your life. Life is too short to be unhappy. Friends and family give each other helpful advice because they want to make your life better and see you happy but when people are always harping on your life and making comments about every single thing you are doing that is a different story. You have to be the one the learn from your mistakes. Experience is one of the greatest teachers. You also have to do what is right for you. What is right for someone else may not be right for you. So do what is in your heart and life your life the way you feel is best for you.


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