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When love goes left. How to handle heartbreak

Updated on July 1, 2014

Try and keep busy

Losing the love you thought that would last forever can be a devastating experience You feel like you lost your best friend and your dog died all in one day. What to do and, who to turn to? Sometimes people need someone to talk to around this time of grief. How the break up happened is irrelevant. You just want to know how to get it back. It can send you in a frenzy, calling the person repeatedly trying to get them to see your side of the story. Nothing works and your stuck with the emotional pain of it all. Chances are you feel like crap and you look like crap. Let's face it, sometimes we get so emotionally down, we forget ourselves.Your probably "Going Down" Literally! It's time to pull yourself off the bathroom floor! So instead of wallowing in self pity,asking yourself why me,what happened? Dust yourself off and get back in the swing of things. Staying busy is the best thing you can do. Catch a movie or play you've been wanting to see. Go get yourself groomed.get your hair cut or your nails done. Listen to music to distract your mind,remember not to listen to tracks that will remind you of the person. You may not feel like being around a lot of people at this point,so do things to treat yourself. Buy yourself something, like that new watch or pair of shoes you've been eyeing.

Yellow, blue, and green...

Your still pretty blue but the pain is getting easier to bare. You still don't feel like doing your favorite things and you noticed even your favorite foods don't taste the same. You stay in bed wondering if the person will call! A numbness sets in, like you can't bring yourself to purge the feeling! You need to cry, or scream, or get it out some how, so your not stuck with the feeling of unwanted emotions. You wonder what was so wrong with you that the person walked away. You start to wonder if your good enough, or maybe you didn't do enough for the person. Don't beat yourself up, everything happens for a reason. You start surfing the net to find every cliche quote you can find about unrequited love. Anything so you won't feel like the only one that's been through it. The only one that's had their heart stomped on, chewed up, and spit out! Well your not the only one,we've all been there at some point in our life. The truth of the matter is,we break hearts and have our heart broken. It will pass, time and a little bit of love from yourself always helps. You may feel every color of the rainbow starting with "Yellow"

Anger sets in

So a month has passed and your no longer a pitiful puppy your more like a raging pit-bull. Curse the day you met the person!! Forget them if they don't see your worth and your inner beauty. Everything you did for them, you did it out the kindness of your heart! You realize it's not your fault and your not to blame and really it's their lose. You realize you did everything right and you stop beating yourself up,pity is now replaced with anger!Angry you wasted so much time,angry you gave your time to someone who was not appreciative! How dare they not see your light, how dare they leave you high, dry ,and ready to cry! You don't need them, you can do better! You start to find your strength and the old you that wouldn't settle for less than what you deserve. You dare them to come back so you can reject them the same way they rejected you. You want revenge!! You want blood and someones head on a platter for putting you through all that crap. All that worry and heartache, the sleep less nights, and weight lose. Well you may be a little grateful for the weight loss. You realize it wasn't worth your time pinning over a person who couldn't even be bothered. Worrying yourself gray about someone who didn't even reach out to see if you were OK. You wonder to yourself... who do they really think they are! I mean really? Reclaim your heart, it's not too late. It was yours to begin with and it will always be yours. Get your power back and leave the hurt and sorrow behind.

You will be ok

More time passes and you are feeling more and more like your old self. You can actually feel the sun on your skin and the smell of flowers in the air. You've made it out the trenches and your so grateful. Your grateful that things went the way they did,because you learned so much about yourself. You learned that love comes and goes and that's OK .You've promised that you will love again when the time is right, and this time it will be a mutual love. You confirmed in your heart that you are responsible for your own happiness. You also know you can be a complete and whole person without a partner. You've learned patience and acceptance of yourself and realized even though you were once in a dark place you pulled yourself out. Your stronger, wiser, and your heart is open, no longer afraid to be hurt you reach out to others again. You learned what real love looks like and that it's suppose to be returned. You appreciated the fact that even though you have bad days you will be OK. You realize that heat break happens but life doesn't stop because of it, and in the end you will be just fine.


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    • rainpurplewine profile image

      Elizabeth 4 years ago from ATLANTA,Ga

      Thanks for reading Cherrycrime26

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 4 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      Great inspiring hub some of my favorite songs!! Voted up