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When Will It End Part Two

Updated on June 30, 2016

Domestic Violence Advert

Life is One Vicious Circle with Abuse/Violence

Life is one vicious circle; when a victim of abuse/violence associated with certain types of people think it is their right to enforce their aggressive, demanding, manipulative violent behaviour upon you. You may either be a spouse, living in partner, or someone who is close to you. Whatever, the reason your abuser is putting you through, be it domestic violence, bullying, child abuse, cyber-bullying etc, IT IS ABUSE.

With consistent research and dedication, my articles I have written concerning abuse I hope is reaching out to those victims, so they can see what they are going through. My first poem will be found When will it End, dedicated to all men and women.

Save Him Directed by Richard Hall

George Michael Jesus to a Child

The Impact

People with this abusive demeanour, are usually/could be paranoid, feeling guilty, or just behaving in this way for just share enjoyment which makes them insecure individuals, whereby they are unwilling/unable to restrain their actions with no respect to their victim’s rights and dignity. The constant aggression in any pattern is appalling inhumane behaviour for anyone to go through. At the end of the day it is the innocent/victim’s life, their sanity and well-being that are at stake. Many times the victim of the perpetrator does not realise what they are going through when told constantly by the abuser “they are sorry to what has happened” or “it will never happen again things will change”, or being told time and time again with ridicule verbal abuse and being put down. They perpetually live in fear and hope that things will change for the better for life to carry on normally, but it never does. Something innocently done by the victim will trigger the aggressor, and the violence will start all over again leaving the poor innocent person wondering when it will end. The impact from this behaviour of their abusive partner/the person they are close to; leaves them losing their self-worth, confidence, and pressures of intimidation, making the victim/innocent person feeling they are the ones to blame; when they are not.

It does not matter where you are in life, you could come into contact with abusive people, more commonly within the home. You could be using the internet, you could be out and about just doing everyday tasks and attacked out on the street, your home could be invaded by robbers. These kinds of people in society are just out for their own selfish means or share enjoyment that they have power over their victims.

To Love Somebody The Bee Gees

Survivors of Abuse

In many cases victims will come to a point where they can take no more; with the help of law enforcement and other authoritative help will get away from their abusive surroundings. This will leave the victim in a post traumatic stress disorder; emotionally scared and vulnerable, with no self-confidence, low self-esteem and in some case with illnesses, such as depression and other ailments brought on from stress/physical abuse living with the abusive partner/being in constant contact with the perpetrator/abuser. Trying to survive in a society is prone to violence. Victims will maybe/become fearful of intimate relationships, develop phobias, dissociate themselves from social activities/society. The main thing for victims to remember they are not at fault; the perpetrators/abusers, they the ones responsible for their own actions. Many times the perpetrators/abusers will blame other people and not themselves.

I have quoted a prayer from friendship cards for victims to find solace.

Violence is now beginning to come to the forefront of to-days society, who is still trying to empathize why a culprit should put their victim through so much aggressive torture, vehement lies and manipulation.

Jesus Christ

There is a prayer in here which I think may help
There is a prayer in here which I think may help | Source

A Prayer for Comfort quoted from Friendship Cards

‘I asked


“How much do

You love me”.

“This much,”

He answered, and

He stretched out

His arms and died’.

Too Much Monkey Business Micheal Jackson

When Will It End Part Two Poem

In the middle of our wake,
These men, these women do take.
With their plots and schemes,
To get their own selfish means,
To take away the beliefs victims have,
With lies and manipulation
Feeling the trauma, with long
term affects
When will it end?

They have come to disrespect
their partners
Just like they have for the human race
A stranger who hath stepped
Into their world with under-
The victims asked how this can be
All of this haunts us
When will it end?

The stranger says, ‘things do come out’
Showing their evil ways
This is what it’s all about
Standing up and telling the truth
For everyone to see
What they put you through
Tis no longer meant to be
When will it end?

People who do believe us
Gather around to protect
Victims of abuse
From their predators who behave like animals
With their evil ways
Will one day pay?
For their evil endeavours,
Those victims of abuse encountered
Suffered in silence
From their abuser’s violence
When will it end?

Copyright 2012 revised 2016

You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson

You Are Not Alone

For those who do get to read this hub, please know you are NOT ALONE. please follow the link to the counseling directory.

Or for people who live in another country

Books on Abuse


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    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment and support. I think it’s so important to try to keep the awareness up.

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

      Hi Mrslagibb! Great hub. I want to thank you for includ, ing my hub. But more importantly, thank you for continuing to keep issues concerning abuse in the forefront.

      Your hub, prayer and poem are outstanding. Voted up, up and away!