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Are you a little 'too' nice?

Updated on October 5, 2013

Does your lover or partner do any of the following

  • Kiss your butt
  • Jump when you jump
  • I will do anything you want if i get my loving
  • Say they love you too much
  • They want to see you every second of the day
  • They say they cant live without you
  • Are over reliant on you and always ask for your help on everything
  • Say your beautiful/handsome even if you treat them badly
  • Say you are the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Help you with every single problem you have
  • Stalk you or follow you around too much
  • Get jealous over other members of their gender talk to you
  • Try to buy your love with money and gifts
  • Try too hard to impress you or show off
  • Compliment you on things that seem approval seeking
  • Lay down on the floor for you to walk over them (added for fun)


What to do if you or they do most of the above

And this includes you! I have to include you too in this. Just to note this post was based on humor but is also very true of what many people do when they are blinded by initial love.

IF you do most of the stuff above turn around and slap yourself silly, if you know someone who does this toward you tell yourself "why is this person idealizing or trying to prove so much". Part of growing as people is indeed learning from this type of thing but being too emotionally attached may seem normal as its your relationship or their's to handle but here I offer some advice, don't put so much emphasis on a relationship, let the relationship run by itself at times.

Of course a new relationship requires efforts but it also requires some to run on its own sometimes so that a couple can fit together naturally, if you do not let a relationship run smoothly and let it run its course on its own sometimes you end up becoming 'too' emotionally attached in a unhealthy way i.e this person is my happiness or this person is so special i have to keep surprising them and doing everything for them, totally wrong!

Simply be yourself, do not run around after love, keep yourself happy but do not require a love or partner to be your real crutch of happiness. IF you make your partner or love interest your crutch of love you will be very unhappy when they leave your life, you may turn around and tell me they will never leave me. Point is 99% of relationship don't really last if your 'too' nice.

Trust me being clingy, being a wussy or being too involved is not a good trait to have going into a new relationship with anyone. Anything with the word 'too' in front of it means - too much, and too much means you overdoing it. So if you hear this word - especially when spoken by a partner or lover take a note and do not think everything is okay, the word 'too' is almost certain not a great thing. Your too nice, your too good to me, your too lovely.

IF you have a stalker on the other hand or someone who clearly doesn't get the picture and you don't like them back tell them to back off but also help them to become a better person, tell them they need to address that impressing in an approval way, showing off, stalking or even buying love will not help them, nor will putting 100% of their time into a relationship.

I shared this post today because many people in a relationship seem to ignore this fact and ignore every sign or thing their partner says and simply think everything is going 100% cool when they are showing 100% attention all the time on their partners. Where is your life besides your partner? As for those who keep their relationship important but know that life is more important are in good mindset because they make time for everything not just their partner, they do not spend all their time with partners because they have work, study and friend, family to attend to also.

Keep your relationship fresh, do not become the person who tries to impress, instead only make an impression by being the real you. Impressions alone can impress, no need to look for approval or give someone everything on a plate. Good luck to your future relationships and thanks for reading.


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    • Jay Rando profile image

      Jay Rando 5 years ago from England

      Very true, its very naive too. Thanks for commenting.

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 5 years ago from Jamaica

      People who are over attentive and insecure have low self confidence and needs to always prove themselves. They are usually very dependent and likes to be depended on in return. They don't like being alone and find it difficult to function with someone. These people need help.