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Where Does Love Go When It Dies.

Updated on October 12, 2009

Where does love go when it dies??.......

Where oes love Go when it dies,

does it vanish into thin care,

or become the one in l-one-ly?
Must it always leave behind it,
such a bittersweet trail of memories?

Fond recollections cruelly trampled
into a perfumed or musk scented path,
that many a broken hearted soul
will follow till they realize all is lost.

Soon left to wallow in the darkness
of one's overwhelming sorrows,
while many other souls set off freely,

in the opposite direction,
glancing tearfully back

once or twice,
but then moving on.

Is there a graveyard

for our Love's that have perished,
buried somewhere deep in our hearts,
under flesh left stone cold,
with the names of our dearest departed,
finger painted in tears across
the face of what was?

Sometimes love can be

resurrected by two
who diligently tend to what remains,
coaxing new growth,

from what was so deeply soiled.

The spirits of Love's lost haunt many, 
yet resuscitation can occur
in the heated gasps of renewed passions
sparked by the sheer need to try again.

Sadly many such efforts fail,
and result in the empty pounding
of a vacated heart in the wee hours.

Does a dying love seek two new souls
to heal it's mortal wounds?
or does it meet hate somewhere along
its journey away and then direct hate
back to it's last place of departure?

I have always , only thought fondly
of those I have loved and lost,
long after faded pacts and photgraphs. 

Not so much a sad refrain

on any me or eulogies.....
or any jaded, poisoned

penned oh-bitch-uary.

Just a quiet, flowered resting place
for those I so cherished,
who caused me once to leap for joy.

Where does love go when it dies??
if it is killed by selfishness, or cruelty or lust,
I am sure it falls into oblivion.

But if it was nurtured, and longed for,
and made two hearts sing,
I have to believe that it still exists,
whistling softly, or

humming gently somewhere,
along the sidelines of life.

Always hoping for

a chance to reconcile,
two silenced hearts

with the harmonies
they once knew so well......
or just standing like a wallflower,
amidst the many lonely souls,
praying for a chance to dance again.




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