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Where there is hope...

Updated on November 14, 2014

Pray for them...

I am always amazed at the pettiness, vindictive, and spiteful, nature of some people. I have always believed that there is good in each of us, and that people who hate, or are bitter and angry, are just misunderstood or perhaps just misguided. I never thought or imagined that there are people out there who actually take pleasure in another person’s pain, or misfortune, people who will use, abuse, manipulate, and take advantage, of another person, to get what he or she wants, or just to hurt that other person-for no other reason, but because they can.

It used to make me angry, and I wanted to lash out and or fight back, until I realized, that is precisely the reaction they are hoping for. Sink to their level and respond with vengeance and they win. Now, I just feel sorry for people like that. After all, how miserable must someone be if they feel it necessary to project and inflict that kind of misery onto others in an effort to make themselves feel better/look better? Pretty miserable, is my guess.

I used to believe that is was done without malice or intent, because I cannot imagine anyone being so cruel, hateful, petty, or spiteful, but the truth is, some people thrive and are even proud of their malicious behavior. They feel no regret, remorse, or shame, for their behavior or actions, and make no apologies for them. This is precisely why those of us on the receiving end of their callous and heinous acts and behavior, are left wondering how people like that, live with themselves. You have to have a conscience in order to feel these emotions, and obviously, they are incapable of possessing that quality, otherwise they would not be able to continue tearing down others with such wanton disregard.

It is those of us that have a conscience, compassion, and a heart, that are left mystified and hurt by their actions, words, or blatant cruelty. We are reeling, devastated, and sometimes decimated, while they go on as though all is right with the world. Trying to figure out why or how they can be so cruel or trying to make sense of it, while they on the other hand, couldn’t care less. Doesn’t seem fair does it? Hard to imagine anyone living this way or functioning in such a manner, but they do, and they will continue to, because they see no problem with it.

This is why I cannot help but feel sorry for them, and others like them. It's been said that misery loves company… and not many people I know would want to be in the ‘company’ of such misery. When you treat those around you as disposable, and with careless disregard, it isn't hard to imagine that not too many people would, or could, stand to be around you. Therefore, making others miserable is probably the only kind of ‘company’ they can manage, and if that isn’t sad, I don’t know what is.

Perhaps they are unaware their actions, words, or deeds, affect and or infect those around them in such a detrimental and destructive manner, or perhaps they do, and they just don’t care. Either way, it doesn’t matter much, when you factor in all that they are missing out on, and will miss out on, as a result of their actions, deeds, and behavior. For there is one thing I do know, and that is, in the end, we all must answer for what we do and say. Therefore, I will continue to love and pray for them that despitefully use, abuse, and mistreat others-living such a miserable, lonely existence, such as they do, warrants it, cries out for it…and in the end, may be their only hope. Where there is hope there is faith…maybe with faith, there is hope for them yet.


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