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Where to Find a Husband: A Guide for Singles Who are Searching

Updated on August 18, 2012

Finding a man of your dreams can be tricky. A lot of single women are finding it hard to find a man because of the standard they set for for themselves. With the advent of online dating, speed dating and arranged dating, finding that man you are dreaming for can be easier, provided that you are not as picky every time you meet one of them. Yes, being picky is good enough to be careful. But if your clock is ticking and you're afraid that you will miss the train, lowering your standards may be a good start to find your man.

Does he needs to be tall, dark and handsome? Or average height, not so dark or whatever, or an okay-looking guy? Or you only date a guy with lots of money in his account. Security purposes, perhaps? Well, you need to redefined your statement of what kind of man you are looking for. Apparently, that handsome guy you are dreaming of is not going to appear if you keep on dreaming. Those kind of men only exists on romantic novels and television. Okay, maybe they really exist but would I remind you again that your clock is ticking? Or, maybe you don't have that clock-ticking beat like other woman have. If that so, then-- you have all the time in the world.

If you have standards that is good. But if your standards are high enough that a man would likely tremble to fall, lowering it a little bit would be your first step to get your man.

Circle of Friends

Open your eyes and look around you. Did you see that friend of yours who has been around you every party you're going to? Well, if you don't see him the way you would like him as a man, then, maybe you are really blind. Sometimes, women are blinded by the fact that the man they are looking for is far enough to reach. When in fact, it just around the corner, just waiting for you to give him a try. The benefits of dating someone you've been with may be awesome. Since that person has been around for many years, you don't have a hard time knowing him because you both know each other for a while.

Maybe, your friends has a friend that needs a friend. Right? There are many couples that marry the friend of their friends. It is common and has been around for many centuries. So, if your friend would like to introduce you to her/ his new friends, don't make excuses, go for it.

Online Dating

The emergence of online dating gives busy man and woman a time to chill. Online dating becomes popular especially to singles who have no time to go to parties, bars and clubs. Although, online dating is 50% safe, there are women who still hesitant to find their mate on the net. With too many scumbag and psychopath around, it's natural for women to be afraid. However, if you are really looking and you think that your time is short, then---conquer that fear and try it for yourself. It can be rewarding as it seems. And exciting as it looks.

There are free dating sites though. So choose a dating sites that do not need your credit card to find one. Well, go for it---if you have courage to try.

Disco Bars and Clubs

Do you like going to disco bars? Yes, yes, yes --you do. I mean, some of you. If you can kick that feet on the dance floor, then--it would likely happen that your future mate is just there waiting for you to show off that disco body of yours. Many women find their mate in the club and disco bars. Just be careful though. Go with your group of friends so that you will not feel the danger of being picked on by a dangerous man. If you go with groups and one man will approach you, then-- that means he is not afraid to get to know you in front of your friends. If you have that fearless nature and you will go alone, girl--- go for it. Just be extra careful.

While You Travel

Travelers usually find their mate as they travel from places to places. And it is in fact, the sweetest thing that happen to them. Some of the women find the locals attractive, especially Latino, Italiano and the other -------no.

So what are you waiting for? If you have time to travel, or you haven't have a vacation for many years, it is time to go. Who knows? You will find him somewhere?


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    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      I think you pointed out the most important reason-lower your standards. Many girls prefer not to do this and do not want to accept the real true.