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Where to meet the guy of your dreams

Updated on February 17, 2010

How to find a man

Where are the men? I use to always ask myself this question over and over again. Where are the good men that are seen on movies.? Men that actually care and make you feel safe. Men that won’t abuse you. Men that are caring, gentle at times, loving, and won’t break your heart!!! Where are they??

Well, I have found some spots that can help you find your perfect prince. Just look available and  friendly, so a guy won’t be scared to come up to you.

1. Bookstores/libraries are a great place to meet men.

Not only are the guys there interested in reading, but are so handsome. I know a friend that found her soul mate in a bookstore. He just came up to her and started chatting about a book she was holding.

2. The Internet.

I know it seems fishy but give it a try. If you aren’t having luck go on a dating website. It actually really works. They take all of your wants and needs and your personality and match it with your guys.

3. Travel some.

Go on a trip with a friend or family member to a spot far away from home. Maybe there is someone just for you across the globe. You will never know until you go. I actually had a chance to meet some pretty nice guys in Europe.

4. Coffee shops.

They are filled with men. Go grab a coffee and read a book there or grab your computer.

5. The fitness club.

This is a great way to meet a guy. This tells you that he’s not lazy and he likes taking care of himself.

6. Church.

There are so many great guys at church. They respect women and have great hearts.

7. At work.

You can also meet a guy at work but it really depends on where you work.

Where did you meet your man?

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