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Whether or not we are anyway

Updated on November 3, 2012

"But there write in your diary, in your notebook, in your memory, whatever: Write that I'll always take care of you. Writes that I'll protect you, love you and care for you, when you least expect an attitude mine. Writes I will not let you fall, and if it does, I will catch you. Look no one else but me, okay? even I am with you on those days when you are tired of my silly words. writes, can writing, we will do to change this idea that there forever. writes that I'll always be with you, near or far, whatever. writes that I'm the other half of your brain, that I am the party you complete, I'm your girl, your angel, I'm yours. As they say, "the lid of my pot, the other half of the orange." Write that you will not miss me, incidentally, no one would like you got me. writes in a corner where the side of your agenda "never give it up." Never give up your small, only yours. writes that it is I who will make you smile when others can only put you further down. Write that I'm going to annoy you when you are brave. writes that I can not live without you, by the way, you're part of me, right? Sure. writes that you are the one that makes me laugh like no one else, and I love her smile, fucking love it. writes that it is I who will understand your attitudes, your existential crises, your follies, your mood swings. not promise you perfection, because, I'm far from it, but I promise you my best, you I promise my good part, my part that loves you. writes that despite apesares, continue belonging to one another. writes, can write, I want you here to tell you my jokes without thanks, and see you laughing, only to have heard my laughter. I want the sound of your laughter, your hand in mine, and I want all of you to come. I want both of us dancing in the middle of our living room, looking at one another. between kisses I want smiles, and hearts racing.'s so much I want, and I want everything with you. writes, writes that it is you that completes me, fixes me and get me in a way that only you know. writes, you're the best part of me, and I am your loose screw that you somehow disconcerting. writes, I will not give up on you, I will not give up on us. Writes to remember to keep that picture we took grimacing, remember? Guards inside your drawer, one, full of memories, keep that letter that you did, because I'll keep your photo as well on the shelf of the room, and when they ask me, I say "was the best joy of my life." In fact, it will not be necessary I mean, you're going there to give the best answer. writes that I not only want you in these our times of joy, can're cold, hot, raining, with a sun unbearable, can okay anyway, I need you. He writes that we will share joys, sorrows, griefs, whatever, the important thing is to be together. writes there, too, right in front, with letters: And even with all these incorrigible my faults, I love you in a way I know that not explain. "

"Whether or not we are anyway. Feeds on hopes about something that has no chance of succeeding. Feeds on nonexistent and love of words that say nothing. We are well. We create things in our heads. Illusions and more illusions, to escape the reality that breaks us and destroys us little by little, every day. "

"Not because I stopped talking, I stopped feeling. Maybe I just got tired of saying so many things, that tomorrow, nobody will remember most."

I'll get a tattoo, do not know yet if it will be like the one in the picture, or will be on the wrist. I'm also very indecisive between this symbol (infinity) and a treble clef. But I'll get a tattoo, there is no room for doubt. It can not be is now. Only when you're eighteen, not just because my parents did not let them, only because my grandmother remembered disinherited me say that if I did anything of the sort, and my parents did not want that to happen, so I have to wait to be of age. But, and I say this for sure, I'll get a tattoo.And you, what do you think of tattoos?

"I think you play nice with luck, but if I were you I would not be so sure of my possession as well. Perhaps no one has told you yet, so sorry if I'm gonna give you the news without you prepare before, but the fucking world does not revolve around your navel. He was shocked? It happens. Just wanted to give you some advice on behalf of our friendship and my love for you, drawing a hand of freedom and secure a third. It is so hooked on two things, you know? And pray, pray a lot to not appear that anyone mess with me while you're playing does not know what he wants. Because I am love, and although it is not yours, that is my essence. And you really should not believe in this idea, for so many times I almost went, but one day I'll ... always been that way. But let me tell you a secret: if I go, I'm not going back. "

"I do not want another smile, another laugh, much less another look that I admire. I do not want another lap, another affection, nor another hug that welcomes me and protects me from all evil in the world. I do not want another kiss, another smell, nor my other fingers interlacing. I do not want other love, besides his. I do not want someone else besides yourself. "


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