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Who Was Jesus Christ

Updated on December 10, 2008

Who Was Jesus Christ And How Did He Change The World.

Who Was Jesus Christ And How Did He Change The World.
Who Was Jesus Christ And How Did He Change The World.

A really interesting question is who was Jesus Christ and how did he change the world. In life he was a radical Jewish carpenter the son of Joseph and Mary. He was always a little bit different. Can you even imagine Joseph when he discovered that Mary was with child. Try that in our modern day world and see what happens.

At age 12 he went to the temple and caused quite a stir. The next time we hear about him being in the temple he is angry turning over the money changers tables. Christianity was built on the belief in Jesus. But what Jesus do most of them worship and believe in. I fear that many of them are sadly confused. If the real Jesus dressed as he would have been in his time showed up at the average church they would either throw him out or try to stick him in a coat and tie. There is nowhere in the Bible that it says to wear a coat and tie to church. The average early Christian church met in peoples homes or in the catacombs. Christianity had not yet become the big business it has become today. Ask your self this very important question. Would Jesus feel comfortable if he showed up in your church this Sunday? Read Matthew 25 31-46 and see where your Christian life matches up.

Try going thru one 24 hour period and before you do anything ask yourself what would Jesus do in the same situation. You just might find it's a very hard way to live.You know I really would like to hear your comments below. Who do you think Jesus Christ was. And how do you think modern Christianity views him.

John 3:16, A Really Great Video. Watch it and listen to the words. If you do it can change your life.

John 3.16 , What Does It Mean To You?

John 3.16 is a cery important part of the Bible. The above video is one of the best I have ever seen about John 3.16 If you have not read the words found in John 3.16-3.21 you should take the time to read them. Ask yourself what do these words mean.

Random Act Of Kindness

Being a Christian means taking up the cross of Jesus Christ and following him. Are you a true Christian or are you only playing at being a Christian. When is the last time you helped your fellow man. Have you ever voluntered at your local homeless shelter. Do you even know where it is. Why not make it a family project to help out a homeless person this year. Give food gift certificates instead of cash. You won't believe how happy a few pairs of new socks will make a homeless person. Call your local shelter and ask them what their needs are. Consider making it a family or office project. What can you do to make a few peoples life just a little better. And always remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. You can't give him a pair of new tennis shoes but you can give them to a homeless person and by giving to one of the least of man you are also giving to Jesus.

What can you do to make a persons life just a little better tomorrow. You probally know some one who needs something even if its only a phone call saying you know I'm thinking of you. Just think about what a random act of kindness can do. You really can change the world. Just go for it.

Do you know who the most important well known homeless person ever. If you guessed Jesus Christ your right. Yes Jesus Christ was homeless. Yet a lot of today's Christians would go out of their way to avoid a homeless person. How about you?  

Who Was Jesus Christ And How Did He Change The World? Why Not Post Your Comment Below.

Who Was Jesus Christ And How Did He Change The World? Why Not Post Your Comment Below.
Who Was Jesus Christ And How Did He Change The World? Why Not Post Your Comment Below.

Who Was Jesus Christ? And How Did He Change The World.

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    • Aragon5000 profile image

      Aragon5000 8 years ago

      JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. His life was based on kindness/doing good. That's the message he left behind "Be kind to one another" not just by words but by his actions. And that's what our world is lacking today

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 9 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Also be sure to see the above hub page.