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Why Are Women So Attracted to Married Men?

Updated on February 24, 2015

Married and in Love


Women and Their Attraction to Married Men

It is obvious why women and even men want what they can’ have. However, is this truly why women are attracted to married men? Married men are at times unattainable even when an affair is present. I am sure everyone knows someone who has gone through it. He says he is going to leave her, but never does, all a mistress is, is a toy to a man like this. What really attracts a woman to a married man is the feeling of being “special”, to be able to win and to steal a man from another women because it makes them feel better or even proud. It is almost like a prize, or winning for a woman. Are you better because you just stole a man from another woman and destroyed a family? Does it make the woman feel worthy unlike her childhood growing up?

This isn’t something a woman should be proud of. In fact, it isn’t exactly moral. However, it is life and it happens. But what happens when she does win his heart? In the small chance that he actually leaves his wife for her, will she just be treated the same way? When a man is unfaithful it shows a lot of bad character no matter how desirable you are. Is this attraction to married men based off of insecurity in women? A need to feel accepted and desired by a man? There are many other ways to feel desired, and feel like you have won the jackpot ladies. We must keep respect for our fellow women, not just because of the morality but because we must have girl power and strength as a gender.


Have You Ever Dated A Married Man?

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The Insecurities of Women May be the Reason

Being attracted to a married man represents attraction to a man who is unavailable, or the feeling of being special if he does love you or chose you over the person he has promised his life to. If you are a woman that keeps having relationships with married men, did you have a troubled childhood?

Did your father give you enough attention, and did you have parents with a healthy relationship?

Why do you feel the need to seek out unavailable men that belong to other women?

This attraction is very likely a sign of insecurity and issues of your past, and in order to get past it you have to find the deeper reasons why.


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    • profile image

      Mohamed 3 years ago

      - Hey there Andria!My buddy Carl sent me this to see. His co-worker was the guy in this wedding who got mrieard I think. Just wanted to say I loved this set, great job! What a gorgeous girl, dress, and good looking couple. =)

    • profile image

      Kellsie 3 years ago

      All of these articles have saved me a lot of heahdcaes.

    • profile image

      Kellsie 3 years ago

      All of these articles have saved me a lot of heahdcaes.