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Why Becky Makes Life Worth Living

Updated on July 3, 2015
Christopher Jay T profile image

I started blogging on Wordpress in 2010. In 2011 I started blogging for Yahoo. I am returning to blogging after a 2 year hiatus.


I Was lonely For a Very Long Time

Sometimes life can be rough, especially when you are lonely. We have all felt alone some time in our life. The most lonely time is when someone longs for a relationship, and has no significant other. This feeling of loneliness has been the basis for movies and poems. Countless songs have been written about this subject. It's a terrible feeling. There was a long period in my life, about 10 years or longer, when I had no one in my life. Sure I had lots of friends, but its not the same. I envied friends of mine who were in relationships.

It hurts deeply when you realize that everything that you like to do, you seem to do alone, like going to the movies, or the zoo or museums. Sometimes being alone can make you feel helpless and hopeless. I would go places and see happy couples together, and it would make me feel empty inside, like there was this hole in my heart. I'm sure you have felt this way before, or maybe feel this way right now. If you are lonely, don't worry, this won't be forever, regardless of how it may seem. There is hope, even a shy guy like me could find someone, and boy did I find a very special someone.

This was me back in my lonely days. It was just me and my Guitar in those days
This was me back in my lonely days. It was just me and my Guitar in those days

Life Can Be Tough For a Lonely Guy

It was very hard for me to approach girls that I found attractive.I have always been shy around people I don't know, especially women. Even a lot of my friends back in California came and talked to me first, usually to complement my guitar playing and singing. So Of course it would be that much harder for me to talk to women. Also I have been so socially akwarad most of my life that I probably couldn't have told if a girl liked me or not. I have always been kind of clueless in this aspect.

The few girlfriends I had before Becky, I was usually set up with by friend,s because they knew I had a hard time with women. Obviously those didn't work out to well. So how does a lonely guy find some one to love them? The answer is simple, it's called the internet. I decided to checkout free online dating sites. After 6 months and one lousy date, I came across Becky's profile on a dating site. the headline said "warning long profile ahead." For some people this would be a reason to skip past the profile. Not me, I had to read ahead. I liked what I read and decided to message her.

My little homemaker
My little homemaker

Two Hearts Beat Once Again.

We messaged back and forth for a couple of days, then Becky gave me her number. The next day I was so nervous about calling her. What should I say? What if I make a total fool out of myself. I was talking to my neighbor and was telling him that I was nervous about calling her. He said that I didn't need to worry, all I had to do was be my self. So I called her, and we talked for 7 hours straight. The next day we talked for another 7 hours, and this is coming from a guy that normaly hates to talk on the phone. I was smitten! The next day we decided to meet and go out on a date..

Now I will tell the tale of how we met the way I like to tell it to Becky. So she drove up to my house and parked across the street and waited for me to come out. I opened the door and walked outside. My hair was blowing in the wind, even though there was no wind. I smiled and me teeth sparkled and it made a ching sound. I approached the car and my jaw dropped and my tongue rolled out, my eyes shot out like daggers, and I said hubba hubba. That was almost 6 years ago.

Becky with our cat Iggy
Becky with our cat Iggy

All You Need is Love

I love Becky so much and I don't know what I would without her. She is my Earth and sky. She is the very breath I breathe. I don't believe that I will ever love anyone as much as I love my Becky. Sure we have our share of problems like everyone but we are working through them. Relationships can be challenging but she is worth all of it. If you ever feel about someone the way I do about Becky, count yourself the luckiest person in the universe.

If i never met Becky I don't know where my life would have went. I believe she saved my life. I was so empty inside. I had fallen into despair and could not find my way out. she rescued me from a life of heart ache. She is my Happiness. My reason for being. I hope everyone can have what Becky and I have.

Becky I love you very much and I wrote this for you.


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    • FatBoyThin profile image

      Colin Garrow 

      3 years ago from Kinneff, Scotland

      What a lovely, touching story, Christopher - it brought tears to my eyes. I know very well how hard it can be to find someone who will love you for who you are, and sometimes it can seem like no-one will ever show any interest in you. Congratulations on finding that special girl.


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