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Why Can't Ex Couples, Or Be It Ex Spouses, Are Not Willing To Bury The Hatchet?

Updated on December 15, 2012

As I write this hub page, I often ponder this question. Why can't ex couples, men and women in relations or marriages, never bury the hatchet? I have seen countless couples breakup and move on with their lives.

Yes, I have encountered separation with a woman, Yet I generally attempt to leave the relationship on a positive note. Yet, I fail to understand, why couples, who may have offspring involved, simply cannot resolve their differences, to coexist separately, even if it is for the sake of their offspring.

It is not difficult for me to admit that I made a mistake, and I'm very quick to apologize for it. Does that make me a weak man or individual? I doubt it. You know what it illustrates to me, that I have compassion. I may not have any offspring, but you know, when two individuals decide that they can no longer be in a marriage or relationship. It does not insinuate that it's the end of the world.

I see people breaking up and separating on occasion, some people take the breakup so hard, and sometimes, those individuals come out of the separation bitter, angry, and just turned inside out. Why?

From my perspective, life is too short to walk around harboring anger, bitterness, or resentment toward your ex spouse, lover, etc. I frankly, would not want a person to have that sort of control over me, where, I can't bear to continue living, just because we are no longer a couple, or we are not married. Seriously, life goes on.

However, it is the best interest of both, to find a healthy medium, attempt to part as friends, and not enemies, especially where offspring is part of the equation.

Even if, you encounter a nasty separation, go back after a little time has passed, and attempt to re-establish communication, at least show the other person, that you are the bigger person, and that you are mature enough to bury the hatchet. Even, if you both decide that it is not healthy for the two of you to continue to interact with each other in this live time.

I don't enjoy seeing children without their mother or father in the total equation, and I don't enjoy seeing people separate, and generally, if you go and examine why the two of you separated, it was possibly over some nonsense.

I will end this hub, by saying, there is so much hate in the world, why compound the hate, just because you refuse to reconcile, or even interact with an ex that you once couldn't live without in your life,

Learn to have compassion and forgiveness in your heart.


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