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Why Do We Feel This Way Sometimes?

Updated on December 29, 2009

This is probably going to be one of those reflective hubs, listing a bunch of things I've been thinking about lately. It might go nowhere and accomplish nothing, but that's ok.

Career Crisis?

I'm an engineer. I'm sick of fly in fly out work though. I'd like a job in my home town where I can start getting more of a life. I don't want to have to commit to 2-3 years at a time on a project working away from home. Is that a lot to ask in my industry? Maybe. I'm willing to settle for slightly less pay too. That said, there is a project I'm aware of that actually give you an uplift and every second friday off - and it's in town, with the same company! I hope I can get onto that. Sure there may have to be a sacrifice somewhere. For example, it may be a less than ideal role or not very challenging, but you can't have everything. Either way, it's obvious my short term priorities going forward into next year currently do not revolve around work.


I've spent the last couple of months in Brisbane, Australia for work. It's a lovely place to live, but the sun is very hot even at 7am. I had to wear sunscreen and a cap on the 10 minute walk to work. I was staying in an apartment nearby, which was a nice change not to have to put up with traffic like I usually do. The work itself was a pain in the butt. I felt the project was really badly set up and run appallingly from the top down. I felt like I was there to hold a broom, sweep up the mess and try and make things slightly more acceptable in the event of an audit in the future. What a mess!

One of the things I loved about working there was the amount of young people in that office who were just lovely to socialise with. I've made some great friends - we all used to have pizza on the odd monday (cheap pizza night) and just vent. We thought our little group from Perth would get over it after the first week but we still needed to vent a couple of months into it! I made some surprise friends too. One person in particular is so wildly different from me I didn't expect it. Her description was that it's like we were born and then from that point on I turned left and she turned right. Nothing more will become of it because like I said, fussily and selfishly, not all the boxes are ticked in my ideal woman list etc etc and I need to be fair to her. At the same time, a few new boxes were probably created - she's restored some of my faith that there are some good lasses out there still and not everyone that has had a more liberal upbringing is bad, as my previous experience taught me.

A Little Thing Called "Life"?

So why is it, seemingly always, that in relationships of whatever kind, not all things are equal. There seems to be always someone who needs something more, or needs something less, or whatever. There is always someone who gets hurt somehow. I don't like that. It is rare when you find someone, like this new friend, who you can be open and honest about things like this without consequences.


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    • marcofratelli profile image

      marcofratelli 8 years ago from Australia

      oh thanks poetlorraine :)

    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      yeah i have found true friends hard to find.............. enjoyed this read very much