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Why Do Women Cheat On Their Husbands?

Updated on August 13, 2014

Why Do Women Cheat?

Before a woman gets married, she has a vision and dream in her thoughts as to what kind of wedding she's going to have. In addition to it, she also has a dream guy that she wants to spend her whole life with. The ideal man that is almost perfect husband to be gets stuck in her mind until her expectations nose dives into disappointment. Statistics show that 19 percent of women and 23 percent of men cheat according to a study conducted by Indiana University in 2011. But why do women get tempted to the road of infidelity?

Here are some reasons why women cheat on their husband:

  1. Lack of attention-after a while, couples get so familiar with each other and get bored. Couples will have children and the time for themselves will be less. Busy with work and raising a family, women that are longing for the same attention they've been receiving will be faced with reality that the world does not revolve around them any longer. Both work and by the time they get home, they will be too busy to even notice each others' affection. When all the excitement is gone, women lose interest. Most cheating women that lack attention feel that they have been brought to the situation by reasons associated with being an unappreciated wife.The women want to be center of attention that she can no longer get which leads to reason #2.
  2. Boredom-Women cheat on their husbands because they are bored to death and being married. bored with married life. Most women who get married young often feels like they have not experience everything in life. They feel that there maybe other guys out there that can fill the void that she's been looking for.
  3. Lousy Sex-Women have needs also just like men do. Husbands that are selfish and only think about their own sexual pleasure tend to leave their wife with no sexual gratification. When women get to their late 30's and early 40's. In contrast, men reach their downward curve for sex plus the familiarity of their wife's features does not get the arousal they used to get.
  4. Anger towards husband-Women become angry and frustrated towards their spouse when she feels trapped with her husband's shortcomings whether it's attitude, money, or treatment. She becomes hostile towards her husband and turns to another for comfort, someone who understands her feelings and is willing to accommodate her sexually and mentally. Another aspect of anger towards her husband is when a woman is betrayed by her husband through infidelity. Cheated women's underlying motive of this type of female cheater is revenge. It is mainly about giving the philandering husband a taste of his own medicine.

What Do Men Need To Do To Get Her Back?

If a man really loves his wife and family, he will do his best to get her back. A man that does his best and understands that no marriage is perfect because there are no perfect people will be successful in getting his spouse back. A cheating wife must be understood by her husband that no matter what trials their relationship has gone through, it will be worth while to save a family than forgive someone's imperfection. In order to get her back, a man must open his mind and go back to his courting days with his wife before they got married. He has to start from the start and figure out how he got her to say "yes". It's as simple as that. He can also add a few stuff that he has learned over the years on how to make her happy during their sweet married days. He must show her that he will have the ability to listen. Listening is about hearing the vulnerability of pain in her voice and embracing the fact that she is a woman and feels differently than a man.

Will You Take Your Spouse Back After She Cheated On You?

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Effects of Cheating In Marriage

One negative effect of cheating in marriage is divorce and is probably the single most damaging thing that can happen to a marriage. Divorce will occur if one or the other is not willing to meet halfway to fix what's broken in their relationship. When divorce happens, everyone in the family is affected. Children that are doing well in school may result in decline of their academic status and receive poor grades. Some kids might suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem. Divorce couple and their children may also suffer from Depression and may affect their overall emotional state. Cheating in marriage will always have negative effects and its consequences will take a huge toll on the cheater as well as the innocent spouse and children. If you want to save your marriage, be faithful to your spouse and avoid these awful consequences.


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