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Why Does He Wear Panties?

Updated on October 21, 2009

If you've just discovered that your boyfriend or husband wears panties, then you're probably in shock and wondering why on earth he would want to do such a thing. After all, panties are forever riding up at the wrong time, forcing one to create complex schemes by which to extract them from the upper reaches of one's posterior in public places. Many women eschew pretty panties on all but special occasions, opting for comfortable 'granny panties' or in some extreme cases, even y fronts. So to find that one's partner likes to wear frilly panties perhaps even more than you do is strange to say the least. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working out what to do with the information you have learned.

It's Not A Threat To Your Femininity

He doesn't want to become the girl in the relationship, don't worry about that. Well, there's a 99% chance that he doesn't want to anyway. There is the remote chance that you have the beginnings of a transsexual revelation on your hands, but if he just likes to wear panties and other items of female underwear, then it is unlikely that you will come home one day to find him stretching out your designer dresses.

He Likes The Feel

Men are incredibly sensual creatures, although you wouldn't know it because of their reputation for being rough and tough and generally immune to the delicate charms of the sensual touch. Don't underestimate how good a pair of silky panties can feel against his nether regions however, after all, the penis is a sensitive organ, and being on the outside, it is easily stimulated by the touch of smooth silk.

He Likes The Look

In some cases, its not just the feeling. He likes the look of pretty panties. This feeling usually comes about not because he secretly wants to be a woman, but because from a very young age men are denied the chance to be pretty. Young boys who are caught playing dress up in female attire are often scolded, and they soon learn that there is something naughty and taboo about women's clothing. If there's anything the human psyche is drawn towards, its anything taboo, so next thing you know, he's sneaking around in panties for the thrill of it all.

Worst Case Scenario

Worst case scenario is that you have caught him at the tip of the proverbial ice berg. Most men who wear lingerie are not gay, and are not looking to become women, though I would be lying if I said that none of them eventually follow this path. Men who harbor gay tendencies, or who want to become full blown cross dressers or transsexuals are likely to express feminine or gay tendencies in ways other than their lingerie. Most women have fairly good instincts, so after you've talked to him about it, let your instinct guide you as to what you want to do next. Keep in mind that many women learn to have a lot of fun with husbands and boyfriends who wear lingerie, but if you feel that he is going to take it much further than that, and it is not something that you can deal with, then you owe it to both yourself and him to be honest and upfront with that fact. There is a huge difference between the occasional pair of panties under his jeans and having to call him Barbara on the weekends. Neither one of these scenarios is better or worse than the other, but they require different levels of tolerance, and you should not feel guilty if one or the other is beyond your capacity.


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