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Why Dogs Are Better Than Boys

Updated on July 26, 2016

Don’t get me wrong, I love boys. Well men preferably. But my dachshund, Rex, is a much better companion than any boy I’ve ever met.

A dog is always there for you

After a very stressful day, Rex is always by the door waiting for me to arrive. The second he sees me, he rolls over for me to scratch his belly. When I cry or am in pain, he is always there to wipe—or should I say lick—away my tears; he even howls with me.

Your dog won't pressure you

I cannot stress this enough. I will take any animal any day before I put up with a mean, good-for-nothing hoe bag. I’ve been pressured many times by a handful of guys who only want that one thing. When I refuse, they usually have comments like “come on. It’ll be fun” or—and my favorite—“you’re too hot not to.” Nothing burns me up more than a guy with no standards or class.

Rex, on the other hand, never pressures me. Because, well, that would be odd. He’s a perfect gentleman who loves me no matter what.

They are cuddlers

Girls, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We all love to cuddle. We love to feel safe and secure and loved. This is what dogs are great for. Rex is always by my side. In fact, while I’m typing this, he’s sitting practically on my hip. When we go to sleep at night, he positions right by my legs, always making sure to have some kind of contact to my skin.

Dogs are the most loyal companions

Every morning when my alarm clock goes off and I “accidentally” press snooze, he’s there to wake me up. If my Dad opens my door to let Rex out, he refuses. He will not get up unless I do; it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

You don't have to worry about them leaving/cheating on you

Unless you are a terrible owner and you beat/don’t feed your dog, he will never leave you. And if you are that terrible owner, let me find out. You will be put six feet underground in 10.2 seconds I can assure you.

Rex and I take daily walks out to the mailbox—its his favorite thing to do besides ride in the car. I never use a leash for him because he’s always right by my side. And when he does run off, all I have to do is yell for him and there he comes, ears flapping and all. It’s absolutely adorable. Dogs usually choose one owner and they stick with said owner. Rex chose me and therefore never leaves my side. I don’t have to spend my nights restlessly worrying that he will leave me for some cheap girl.

I've told my mother many times that I will be a dog lady. I'm not too into cats because they love to scratch me and stare at me while I sleep. That's not cool.

If it isn’t noticeable enough, I’m a die-hard animal lover. I’m sure that there are very nice, loyal, loving, and faithful men out there; I’ve just never found one. And if you are said gentleman, kudos to you!

**Ashlyn B. Keller**


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