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Why Gratitude Is The Master Key To The Kingdom

Updated on April 7, 2020
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Ayonna is a self-published Inspirational Author and Blogger who loves serving others through her writings, speaking, and through dance.


Why is it easier for the majority of society to focus their attention on the negative aspects of their lives and not the positives? I thought was a great question, and before I began this self-love/healing journey in 2016, I would blame it on others and my upbringing. The self-love/healing journey taught me two things: 1) I could continue to blame my unhealthy behavior and bad attitude on other people and my past, or 2) I could become self-aware, take responsibility for my actions, and began the process of healing. I am not responsible for how my parents raised me and I am not responsible for the people who hurt me in my past, but I am responsible for how I continue to hold onto that hurt and pain. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I knew there had to be something different, something better than unhealthy and abusive relationships. I decided to take myself on a self-love journey, but I did not expect this journey to become a journey of healing, self-discovery, self-awareness, self-realization, and I did not expect to find a more peaceful existence with myself.

Attitude Adjustment

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude changed my life for the better, and I say this because appreciation helped to deepen my relationship with the universe. I can recall a time in my life when I thought I had it all, and yet I had nothing. I thought I had it all because it appeared to be the “American Dream.” I had a newly built 3,000 sq ft home; I was married with two children, a great job, two cars, money, trips, and a closet full of clothes and shoes. I was living the “American Dream,” so why did I feel so empty on the inside? I was empty because I had lost myself in these things, which caused a disconnection with myself and my higher self (God, the universe, source energy, lifeforce energy). The universe provides love, peace, joy, and happiness when we learn to say, “Thank You,” no matter what our lives look like on the outside. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude helped me to see that I may not have everything I want, but I have everything that I need. I wanted all those things, but when I had them, I was miserable and unhappy. Why? I thought I would find love, joy, peace, and happiness in those things, but those things did not come until I learned to love my inner child back to wholeness and express gratitude in every area of my life. I had all of these “things” that I thought I wanted, and yet I continued to murmur and complain because I wanted MORE!!! I spent so much time and energy, focusing on the negatives in my life and not appreciating the positives. The more I focused my attention and energy on the negatives in my life, the more negative experiences I received.


Everything I have experienced in life and on this self-love/healing journey these past four years helped me to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and an appreciation for life. The more I focus my attention and energy on the positive things in my life, the more positive experiences I receive in my life. Giving up my addictions to substances, people, and items, allowed me to depend more on not only myself but the universe that abides within me. It helped me to believe and have confidence in myself, my abilities, and it helped me to remember that I am a divine, powerful, and loving spiritual being. It helped me to reprogram the limiting, negative, and fear-based beliefs and thoughts I grew up having. It allowed me to trust in myself and the universal guidance for my life and helped me to be more grateful for all I have, whether I am experiencing abundance or famine. Gratitude helped me to see that I always have more than enough for what I need to accomplish in my life. It allowed me to be grateful in my season of singleness and to love and care for myself the way I would like my divine spiritual masculine partner to care for me.

© 2020 Ayonna Suzie Suttles


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