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Why Have an Engagement Photoshoot?

Updated on December 31, 2012

Apart from getting more photographs as a couple, there are several other very important advantages that you may receive through getting an engagement photo session.

Most wedding photographers offer an engagement photo session as a part of wedding package and/or as a separate package. These photo sessions tend to be more laid back allowing for the personalities of each partner to shine through amidst their love connection.

In short, engagement photoshoots tend to be more fun (in a sense) than the wedding! Yes, the wedding will be way more sentimental and special but nothing beats having photographs of being ‘lovey-dovey’ when you know you’re going to ‘tie the knot’.

If you plan on having the same photographer to do both engagement session and wedding, this may be a very good idea. Reason being that you are already building a relationship with the photographer who has a particular style and tweaks the mode of photographs to foster your own style as a couple. It’s quite vital to for a couple to be at ease with the photographer.

Engagement Photo Sessions are Practical

In a number of instances, a couple may not have a session with the photographer but at the wedding. It may sound ‘natural’, but it may not be the most practical. A wedding is a ‘one shot’ experience, and though you may expect to get all the images that are set out in your mind (and on paper), the truth is that it is not guaranteed to happen. The engagement shoot will assure you of getting the images that you absolutely must have because the space and time is available for such. During a ceremony, the photographer just has to capture all that he/she can -- the good ones will capture all the essentials plus more.

Using Engagement Photo Sessions as a Selection Process

In fact, you can even use the engagement shoot as a kind of selection process to select ‘the’ wedding photographer. Such photo sessions can be quite reasonable, and you can have a few that is if your budget allows. After all, these moments leading up to your wedding and precious, and on the wedding day you may want perfection or at least very close to it!

Expression of Couple's Style

Your style as a couple is to be expressed through the images created. Your likes and tastes are a part of the mix. If you have a love for the finer things or life or are more into rustic stuff, then the surrounding atmosphere of your images may reflect this.

Plan Your Engagement Photoshoot!

Have an idea of what you want. It’s frustrating for both couple and photographer when a couple may say, “We don’t know what we want...” Not good. Research tons of portraits, and make notes about what you like from what you don’t. Black and white? …Surrounding environs? …isolation? ...Poses? All these and more can help you build a creative vision together and ultimately help you to choose a photographer.

Engagement shoots are not to be taken lightly, as they form the base for wedding photography. It ought to be planned, filled with creativity and fun!


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