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Why It's Great to Date Someone You Know

Updated on August 18, 2015

Some people prefer going online or out to bars to meet someone. They feel that it is good to start off new. While it could be good meeting someone new and exciting it could also have it's downfall. You have to meet in a public place because you have no idea who the person really is and you really can't be yourself around this person since you are meeting them for the first time.

Now when you date someone you already know it is a totally different ball game. You know the guy and feel safe with him and he knows where you live so there is no problem with him picking you up at your place like a real date. You could be yourself around him because he has been in your life all of these years and still likes you. No matter what you do he will want to be with you because he knows you, you are friends and the both of you accept you as each other.

You see each other on a daily basis and share so many amazing memories together. You have known him for awhile and you are still creating great memories with him. He was there for you when you had your heart broken, saw you graduated college, he even saw you on Halloween. You have a lot of inside jokes together and you always know how to make each other smile.

You do not have to worry about impressing his friends because you already know them. You do not have to worry about bringing him home to meet your parents because your parents have known him for years. The both of you have known each other for years and have been in each other's social circles that there is no awkward Will they like me?

Every time something big happens in your life he is the one you run too. He is the one that you want cheering and supporting you for all of your big moments. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on he is the one that you call up and you know that he will be there for you in a heartbeat. When you are nervous about starting a new job he encourages you and supports you every step of the way.

You know him inside and out and could make a list why he is perfect for you. You tell your friends every day that he is your perfect match and he is the one that you want to be with. You could totally see yourself walking down the aisle with him one day. You know in your heart he is the one for you.

You get a rush of excitement every time you see him. It is more than just looks. It is his personality and his smile. It could even be his quirky ways that make you love him. You look forward to the days that you see him. You do not care what you do the only thing that matters is quality time with him.

You know you can count on him. There are so many players out there that are so unreliable. When you meet a guy at a bar and he says he will call you, you can never be sure. Your guy friend that you have known for years has never let you down. You know that when he says he is going to do something that he is going to come through.

You know that you could trust him. You have known him for years and you know that he would never do anything to break your heart.

It does not matter if he sees you after the gym. He has seen you in sweats before and no matter what you look like he still wants to be with you.

Dating a guy you already know is way better than dating someone you just met. Unfortunately you do not always chose how or who you fall in love with. When it comes to dating take things slow. Get to know each other because when you rush into things that is when things fall apart. In a relationship your significant other should be your best friend as well as your lover.


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