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Why Love is More Important Than The Physical Touch

Updated on February 28, 2017

All of us have fallen in love even once in our lifetime, and it is hard to say whether those times were great or not. But one thing is for sure, love is a unique feeling that was made only for us as a simple being commonly called as "human beings".

Love is not a game

So how does one person actually fall in love? A person starts to realize his/her feelings when a certain guy/girl recognized a trait that made a huge difference which was unknown to others. This however applies most of the time to almost every girl out there, but what about the guys? There are different kinds of guys and so are there different kinds of girls whose traits were almost already identified. But a guy is actually kind of different, as a male, most of us tend to look mostly for the body type or the looks of a certain girl and which is I'm sure that most of you had done atleast once in your life. We as a counterpart for females tend to find the attractive types of girls to be great causing us to put a higher standard (on the looks) which was actually a low quality for the taste of females. Genuine females who fall inlove (excluding those who go for money), find relationships where they can feel safe or cared for. Once they've fallen inlove with you, surely would you take that chance to get her and do the things that you've always wanted to experience. However, we tend to overdo things, even inappropriate acts that she doesn't deserve. But she's still there for you, the girl whom you've courted, once she's fallen truly for you, she won't leave you even if you bash her, hurt her or even neglect her for other girls. The greatest mistake that we males might have done or do to her is to look at another girl after making her fall for us. If you're the type of guy whom cannot be contented with a single girl then don't build a relationship, find a girl who'll play the same game with you. However, you should be careful since the word "karma" exist, you might actually get a disease that will make your life miserable for playing with multiple girls at a time.

Let's get back to her, the girl that has fallen for you. Physical touch is great, admit it. Even if you're a girl or a boy, all of us are beings who yearn for warmth. But be careful, if you've played against her and continued doing that sort of thing against her even though that she's forgiven you for a hundred times, maybe she might actually find someone a hundred times better than you are. Girls being more emotionally stable as the stats suggest weren't real based on my experience, they are people who actually yearn for support and care more than us guys. It is true though that we are also sensitive. But a girl's heart is a lot more complex than what you think. If you found the kind of girl who'll love you not for money but for your care then don't ever leave her. If you took her first time, then you don't ever have the right to leave her ever. As far as I know, most of us at the present age would think that she would just move on after we took that part of her and she'll just find another guy and do that. If you think like this, then you're wrong. A genuine girl would take her months or even years before she can find another guy. Why? Its because she'll aim for a better guy, a lot more better than you who only thinks about the physical sense when she'll shout and moan for pain. Maybe it'll turn into pleasure, but doing these things instead of showing her the true meaning of care or love, might actually change her as a whole. A new person that would surprise you, a person whose innocence has disappeared due to the pain that she's encountered and maybe, you were also one of the main reasons why she changed like this.

Finally, in the future, you'll begin to understand that somethings missing from your life. As if waking up from your greatest dreams, from the day that you woke up with her, fought with her, solved your problems together, smiled together, laughed together then suddenly you'll wake up, unable to find someone better than her. And you know what? she's just right there, she's there in a place far better than you are who switched her over a simple reason because of your sinful eyes. Remember this, if you are a guy who've hurt a girl whom truly loved you, then don't worry for leaving her, why? she's already there in the arms of someone who actually treasures her because of who she is, and not about how she looks but how she cares for you and about how you care for her.

Simply, the moral lesson, is that most girls fall for true love. So don't try to play against her, nor hurt her, if you are finding another person for the sake of your satisfaction, that girl that truly loved you, in no time will literally find a guy for a simple yet complex reason that she wants the next guy to be alot better than you, not on the looks but in the way that he'll love and treasure her without leaving her unlike you.

But also remember that all of us can change, if you made a mistake and she gave you a chance, then do your best to make it up for her. Even if she has given up then continue to do your best to get her again. And if she said yes then, don't ever find another girl. Simply because if you grow old you might someday realize that I am right for telling you not to leave her, because only when you reached that age will you only think if you're satisfied with your life or not, and I'm sure that she is one of the main reasons that would make your life complete. But be careful, in a certain amount of years you might get bored or try to look at another, but don't do this, just be contented and you will soon understand the true meaning of love if you've reached a relationship that lasted till the end.

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