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Why Men Do Not Fear Women

Updated on March 4, 2017

I read an article/blog not that long ago about why men are afraid of women. I was intrigued, since I can’t really say I fear women even though I am a man. Most of the women I interact with in everyday life are quite decent and not really threatening. The female author argued that men fear women basically because women have a uterus and men don’t. Her reasoning was that back in primitive times women could provide and protect just like men (remind me who could lift that boulder out of the way 50,000 years ago) and also give birth. So effectively I am meant to fear women because they can do more than I can. That’s her reasoning. Wow! Here I was thinking that my dignity comes from who I am as a person and human being, rather than my abilities. There are men and women in society far more capable than myself, should I be intimidated by them? Should I be afraid of them? I don’t think so.

Rest assured, no man feels threatened from women having a uterus and being able to give birth. Most men and I would argue most women, do not feel threatened that some women and some men can do more than they can, or are more capable than them. I am certainly not suggesting that women are superior to men or vice versa in general abilities, they are not. In fact I spent two hubs which can be reached here and here, debunking that nonsense. Rather I am suggesting that even if they were, it still really wouldn’t matter. I feel sorry for people that walk around in life basing their self worth on their abilities or performance relative to others. Keeping up with the Joneses 24/7 must be a real pain. Her article tells me much more about the author (her), than it does about the people she is writing about (men, which she clearly does not know very well).

Most men (like 99% of us) do not fear women. Despite this mythical rape culture and violence against women hysteria that is sometimes encouraged by feminism and the media, I think most women don’t fear men either. What men do understandably feel threatened by, is a political system, legal system and government, that puts their rights in the backseat simply because they are male. I would not say men are fearful of this, but we are angry and we are doing something about it, hence the men’s human rights movement. Women are not exactly happy about it either, since they have sons, boyfriends and husbands that they care about.

I guess that gets to the heart of the matter. Why would men fear a group of people (women) that obviously care about them and love them? Fear is provoked towards something that presents as a threat. Clearly the vast bulk of women do not threaten men so why should men fear them? There are some women that threaten men and use our biased legal system and so forth to do it, but on the whole women in general do not threaten men. So I am rather at a loss to explain why the female author in question feels men are afraid of women. Then again I am also at a loss to understand how she arrived at the conclusion that men desire to dominate women, oppress them and regard themselves as superior to women. Apparently it is because we fear women, which again frankly makes no sense.

Does this female author get out of the house? Does she relate to men at all? The average Joe on the street does not fear women, does not want to oppress women and certainly does not regard himself as superior to them. The notion men are afraid of women is nonsense and I would also like to debunk the nonsense men are afraid of successful career driven women. We actually find such women attractive. This is probably because they are self confident and comfortable in their own skin. It is definitely preferable to insecurity and neuroticism. We also like female independence because it means we get to relate to you as equals, not as children. Most women are independent.

I am not sure what dimension the female author is in, but the last time I checked and turned on the news, it was a minority of women asserting that women were superior to men and not the other way around. I am of course talking about people like Hanna Rosin (See Hub here) and the plethora of media material (like that mentioned in my Hub on “Misandry and the Media”) geared at confirming women are superior in some way or just generally, to men. For the most part, if you are a guy and dare to suggest that men are superior to women or women should go back into the kitchen, you can be sure to be ridiculed beyond belief and rightfully so.

Bill Maher And Our Gynocentric Culture

Of course the opposite is not only allowed but encouraged by our media and gynocentric culture (see adjacent video). We hear of or read about how women are smarter than men, can multi-task better, are better leaders and other falsehoods in our media and this is promoted and worse treated as fact (Which they are anything but. See my Hub on Female supremacy and Pseudoscholarship). I don’t see men going out of their way to oppress women in Western society. In fact I see many men bending over backwards to support women and feminism is taking brilliant advantage of exaggerating female vulnerability, duping male white knights and fleecing men of their rights in the process.

The true oppressors in Western society when it comes to gender, are an influential minority of power hungry female and male bigots who are posing as feminists. Yes men do feel threatened by these people and rightfully so. If you are male and happen to live in Western society, then you can expect your rights and interests to be discarded in family courts, divorce settlements, domestic violence legislation and in education, just to name a few. Too bad about men that are physically abused or sexually assaulted, their rights don’t matter as much, because we all know women never harm men and men are physically invincible....riiiight.

We are not afraid, we are angry. The mistake these bigots and hypocrites have made is thinking that male silence is proof of male weakness. Actually it is quite the opposite. Men will put up with a lot of flak before they will react to anything. However when we do react, it is swift, uncompromising, systematic and quite devastating. Often it comes with no warning, we simply erupt. All these bigots and hypocrites are going to achieve in the long run, is to awaken a sleeping giant. That awakening is already happening and if I were these people I’d quit whilst I was ahead, because your days of misandry are drawing to a close.

Strength Differences Between The Genders And Rude Awakenings

Primitive Man And Primitive Woman

Now with respect to the notion that primitive women could do everything men could and give birth, unfortunately that is not true. Anyone with a brain can easily see that men are on average substantially physically stronger and fitter than women. Whilst women in primitive times may have been able to provide and protect, that does not mean that they could do so to even remotely the same extent men could. I don’t think primitive women would have been seen moving 200kg boulders out of the way and doing other physically arduous work etc that was beyond their physical capabilities. Whilst it is certainly true that men could not participate in the reproductive process to the same extent women could, that does not mean they could not contribute to the reproductive role at all.

Again anyone with a brain knows that men provide half the material required to produce a child. In the event the mother died in childbirth, which did occur much more often in primitive times than today, the men could and did in some cases solely raise the infant. In fact the only part of reproduction a man cannot perform is pregnancy itself. However it is worth noting that when a woman is pregnant, she is far more dependent on others to look after her, particularly in the late stages. I would not have wanted to have been a primitive pregnant cavewoman. In primitive times pregnant women, would have been quite dependent on men to provide them with food, shelter and so forth, because they would have been far less mobile and in a physical condition that at least partly inhibited them from looking after themselves (especially in the late stages of pregnancy). So whilst the act of pregnancy itself could not been done by men, men still played and continue to play a role in pregnancy. Aside from all of that, reproduction is more than just sexual intercourse and pregnancy. Back in primitive times, men often had to travel vast distances to meet women and spread their seed so to speak.

Without men providing their reproductive material, travelling the distances required to spread their seed, helping relatively less mobile and physically less able pregnant women and looking after the infants in the frequent instance the women died in childbirth, women would not have been able to make use of their uterus. The female uterus has no value without the male reproductive contribution. That is a biological fact that many people seem to forget for some strange reason.

The bottom line is that whilst women could provide and protect, they could not do so to the same extent men could. Thanks to testosterone, men are biologically predisposed to developing greater physical strength and fitness than women. Whilst men did contribute reproductively, they did not do so to the same extent women did. Thanks to estrogen, women develop a uterus. The idea the author (again of why men are afraid of women) brings up that women having a uterus means they lead is nonsense and is easily refuted by a casual glance of society. Both genders have advantages over the other which they have historically exchanged with each other. At a basic evolutionary level, the male survival value is exchanged for the female reproductive value in relationships. Technology (such as automation and pornography) has made this exchange less relevant so now the genders are looking more at other things, like common interests, life goals and values. Both genders exercise power and influence over the other, because both have things the other desires and both are attracted to each other. Depending on the context one might take the lead over the other. Most relationships share leadership and the ones that last certainly don't operate like dictatorships. Aside from that, an individual has as much influence or power over you as you allow them to have at the end of the day.

When I look at male and female weightlifters, I have a lot trouble believing primitive women could do everything a man could do. I am pretty certain it was the men doing the heavy lifting in primitive times and moving those boulders out of the way, just as they continue to do today with physical tasks. Sorry but biology does not support either gender being superior to the other. Men conveyed a higher survival benefit to society and women conveyed a higher reproductive benefit to society. Of course with technology, both genders are now free of their biological mandates. We can largely automate physically demanding work and reproduction is far less essential to the continuation of society than what it once was with 7 billion people and a far lower rate of infant and childhood mortality. We could also replace the womb soon with artificial uteri if we want to (research has been highly successful). Amazing isn’t it?

Men might not be able to get pregnant, but women can't lift 200kg boulders out of the way either and do other physically demanding tasks which are beyond their physical capabilities, but are within the capabilities of men.

How about we just appreciate our mutual differences and stop trying to belittle each other with juvenile talk of who is better?

Update 11/08/15-As I look back at this article I wrote two years ago, I can't help but mention the effort mainstream ideological feminism is going to, to make women fear men and generate hysteria. Below is a video I have added by Lauren Southern of Rebel Media, confronting the Feminist SlutWalk in Canada. Watch it and then ask yourself honestly, how does making women afraid of men through bogus research and lies (see these video links from Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers for more information: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4 and link 5) empower women? Sommers is a feminist that truly is a genuine advocate for gender equality through equity. Something that mainstream feminism discarded from it's values and agenda a long time ago. Sommers has my respect and full support for her integrity in taking a stand where so many of her counterparts have not.

Lauren Southern Clashes With Feminists At SlutWalk


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