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Why There is no Men's Day?!

Updated on March 6, 2015

Whats the Discussion about

For around hundred years now, Women's have day to cherish and celebrate the fact that they are women.. LOL
Women have Women's day ,Mother's day , Part of Parent's day .
Men have Just the Father's day and part of Parent's Day.
Some people believe that Women are superior than Men, and some deny it, many are stuck between the both, unable to pick sides as this is a seriously complicated discussion that may affect their lives.

Well ,is it true women have more values than men. ? I am not going to say my views exactly as it is.

Whats So Special about Women

Well, there isn't really anything except child bearing and caring for children . For celebrating that we have Mother's day . If we talk about parenting and Caring ,Men also have 50% involvement except the child bearing part.

Apart from the Mother sentiment, women are not very special than Men. Yet they get lots of attention and notice,why? Even women have more voice than men these days, which is a good thing ,sometimes.

Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad were all men , there are no real women force in any religion except Hinduism . In fact all the religions have open/hidden rules that inhibit Women and suppress their power.

The reason why Women's day is so special is to emphasize them and empower them with power that all the religions have failed to provide and also to send message that Men are considering to treat Women as equals which was a blasphemy in olden days.


Is it true that Women are in more danger than Men?

This question is actually never raised ,because we assume that women are physically weak and of course they are the ones who face physical threats than men.

But the reports and statistics around the world proves this wrong.Of the total number of people dead due to domestic violence in countries around the world ,80% of them were Men and only 20 % are Women.

The truth is women are being exploited sexually , abused , threatened in many ways,yes. but the fatality of men is far more than Women.Just because of sexual exploitation, women are getting more attention, sad fact is sexual assaults on men also exists but rarely comes to limelight .

Men's day? Why?

Well, Men are equally struggling to survive and compete in this fast world, considering their responsibilities are increasing .

Men have moral responsibility in the society to provide ,which they are struggling to do so, when companies offer their jobs to Women, considering diversity and Women factor will get them news. Men face more threats than Women under false complaints on sexual abuse.

Should they have a day? why the hell not.


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