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Why Relationships Fall Apart PART 3

Updated on January 6, 2012

In Summary

Although the specifics are generally unique to each couple and their various strengths and weaknesses, all relationships are founded upon the same basic unspoken (and often unknown) understanding that each persons basic human needs will be met within the relationship. It is often a failure to met these needs, for many reasons, that causes a relationship to fall apart.

It is also a lack for understanding the basic human needs, that cause a person to continue going through the same problems in any intimate relationships they attempt.

Some wise words...

Remember, although a relationship may seem to be headed towards the briny deep, it is often not hard to bring it back to the surface where it once was when you both fell in love with each other. Often, it's simply a matter of changing your perspective.

Instead of giving in, and assuming that if neither of your needs are being met, that you should end or leave the relationship, if you view problems in your relationship as an opportunity to grow as a couple and contribute to each other in a spiritual way, then you'll find that your relationship is never boring, never lacking in passion and never in need of ending.

So when you come across troubled waters, ask yourself, what needs do I have, that aren't being met? What needs of my partners are not being met? Then set to work to find ways that both of your needs can be fulfilled.


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      gfhj 5 years ago

      what kind of conclusion is that?? too shor and shalow...!