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Why Do Some Relationships Fail

Updated on May 9, 2014

Relationships fail due to many reasons which may be easy or hard to understand or accept understandable. The reason why there are those people who find it hard to accept break ups and separation is of course because of the not so understandable reason/s. Perhaps it can be too petty to be the cause of break up or it’s still workable yet the partner no longer intends to fix it.

There are also cases when one never imagined that a certain matter can be the point of break up. Sometimes it’s just too big to handle or irresolvable that there is no other recourse but to break up, that’s understandable and easy to accept.

There may be one thousand and one reasons why relationships fail but here are the most common reasons:

Comparing it to a competitive game, you are not a match.
Comparing it to a competitive game, you are not a match. | Source

1) Personality Differences or Incompatibility

Opposites attract, this doesn't happen all the time. As you spend more time, get to know each other better & as the relationship goes deeper, conflicts normally comes up. When disagreements arise, the differences in your personal traits, behavior, beliefs & principles is determined by how good or bad you respond to the situation. There is this thing we called irreconcilable differences.


2) Infidelity

Why am I not enough for him/her? This might be the question you asked yourself when he/she left you for someone else. The phrase “It’s not you, it’s me” really applies in this situation where this being said by the person who left. True, sometimes it’s not really our fault or lapses that made the other person leave. It’s them, they cannot find within themselves the ability to see how rocking great we are. Why do other people see our goodness while they cannot? And they go to seek someone else whom they think have what they are looking for.

Remember that nobody’s perfect and the person who consistently leave and search for all the things one wants in just a single person will never find contentment & satisfaction.

Hahaha..he should have carved it on the tree and not written on a paper which can easily be torn & flown away
Hahaha..he should have carved it on the tree and not written on a paper which can easily be torn & flown away | Source

3) Fear of Commitment

Some may not be psychologically prepared or emotionally ready for a long-term relationship such as marriage. Such person usually hops from one relationship to another and does not stay in a relationship longer than he/she could have. One who is a possible candidate for “a bachelor/bachelorette forever” status until he learns to overcome this fear or make oneself ready for a long & lasting relationship.


4) Career Plans

In setting of priorities, career perhaps ranks high on the list. But for some people, it’s on the top of their list and everything and everyone else falls behind it. It’s somewhat understandable for people who are not yet financially stable and ready to raise a family. On the other hand, your lover and your relationship should not be treated as a bother to achieving his/her dreams. For already married couples, I think this shouldn’t be the cause of separation. They should have planned their future together, not apart.


5) Falling Out of Love

This is part of reality that sometimes is so hard to explain. Why do relationship end when there is so much love in the beginning. Maybe at some point, love ceases to grow until it becomes weak and eventually dies out.

Some things are not permanent and there is nothing constant in this world but change. Note though that it’s not the love that changes, it’s the lover who holds it.

As time pass, people changes, their preferences, likes, wants, needs & desires. This change outgrew the strong feelings that one has once felt for another and this explains why it’s not your fault when somebody left you.

Here's what a psychologist says about why a relationship fail

© 2011 Caroline Guillermo


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    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 4 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Thanks for the appreciation Kate & Rajeev143143 =)

    • Rajeev143143 profile image

      Rajeev N. Verma 5 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Hi Caroline.. Your article is very nice and informative.. I liked especially the first point i.e the incompatibility factor.. I do agree with all the reasons given by you..

    • profile image

      kate 6 years ago

      very informative.. :)