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Why We Don't Realize Our Dreams

Updated on February 1, 2010
Me chillin'!
Me chillin'!

Facing Reality

 Wow! It amazes me how people actually act like I'm some sort of freak of nature because I have realized all the dreams and goals I had for myself. I will tell you this, there is no magic pill, or button, I stayed focused once I figured out what I wanted to do when I was 10 years old. If I have an advantage over anyone it is because I knew myself at that early age. I knew I was a writer.

So, I've spent most of my life doing what writers do, I write. I am a published author. I wrote a monthly opinion column for almost nine years. I was featured in an article in the local paper's investment section and was fortunate enough to have someone believe in me, as much as I believe in myself. Now I own my own publishing company.

Yes, it does feel great to say I have reached my goals. I am so glad my goal wasn't to make loads of money. The thrill I feel living modestly, but peacefully is really enough. I am thankful that I get to do the two things I love the most write and counsel. I have stayed self-aware long enough to know when I am just interested in something, or when I really plan to do it, achieve it, own it, etc.

Patience is my greatest virtue. I know how to wait and it has paid off in every aspect of my life. For years I had a lot lousy relationships, but I learned to let go and wait on what was meant for me. I will tell you there is no greater feeling than to know that you know, you know, you know. Then again, age has taught me that I don't know and that's okay too, because not knowing is what leads to discovery. Discovery! What a word. It is one we should harbor close, but we seldom do. Many of us want to believe we know so much, only to find that the most we know is what we don't want and what we don't want will never get us anywhere.

I have known what I wanted when it came to my career choices. Psychology and publishing are my two loves. My publishing company is small and I relish in the fact I can choose who I want to publish, but most of all I can publish myself. I don't have to wait to be rejected by some editor that doesn't get me.

Staying focused and taking advantage of opportunities is the key to success. Being willing to do the work and stick with whatever you start, these are the factors that lead to you successfully realizing your dreams. Oftentimes, it is our lack of self-awareness that does not make it seem possible to attain our goals. We already know from the start that we don't really know what we want. We are hoping that others won't pressure us too much when we say we want to do something. We know we don't have a plan. We know we are just talking.

That has never been me. I don't talk about things I'm not going to do. If it is in my conversation, it is in my plan and if it is in my plan, you can believe it is in the works. I am wealthy because I am true to myself, my Creator, and my craft. No one could ever doubt I am a writer. I have written down my daily routine for over thirty years. I have five books of published poetry, an autobiography and two other full length books.

I am currently working on compiling my writings which will be published titled B. F. I.: Black Female Intellectual. I have work as early as 1973. I have always had a lot in my head and thank God the ability to express it on paper in such a way to draw others to the truth of the way the words are put together.

Facing reality is the only answer. Look at yourself foremost, and always when you are stumped, or life seems to be holding you back, or it seems to be that no one understands you. Could it be you do not understand yourself clearly enough to express who you are to others? We all misrepresent ourselves to some degree, but when you question yourself and cannot answer, you must face reality, you are lying to yourself.

We do not realize our desires because we do not seek what is in our best interest. We let our wants overtake our needs, our desires bleed our bank accounts, and our secrets keep us sick.

If you want to realize your potential, your dreams, your goals, you must first be aware of what it is you really want. Do you know? 


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