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Why Women Play Hard to Get

Updated on September 23, 2009

There are three types of women: those who throw themselves at any member of the male sex, those who play hard to get and those who behave normally. Yes, I've just implied that women who play hard to get are not normal. And they're not; they're game players. Their reasons for playing such games may vary, but in the end, a player is a player is a player and if you're a man who likes that kind of head game, more power to you. However, before you dismiss this behavior as playful, take a look at some of the reasons women play hard to get; you might not find them so cute anymore.

1. Mama knows best.

Some women play hard to get because their mother told them to. You see, Mama claims that she scored Daddy with some good old-fashioned teasing and coy behavior that would rival the sauciest scenarios you can think of. What Mama fails to also mention is that Daddy grew tired of the games by date five and Mama really scored that wedding ring by tampering with her diaphragm.

2. Them's the rules.

Some women play hard to get because a silly book told them to. There used to only be one of these books about, but once it became clear that millions of dollars could be made by feeding such stupidity to billions of women, these books started popping up everywhere. The rules tell women to ignore men and never make the first, second or even tenth move. I'm sure some men enjoy being toyed with, but I'm not sure they're the marrying kind. If you happen to be dating a woman like this, be aware that marriage is probably her ultimate goal.

3. You're backup.

Some women play hard to get because they aren't sure they really want you. You might be cute, intelligent and well-paid; but if she's not 100% sure about you, she may string you along for those times when Brad Pitt isn't available for dinner and a movie. Harsh, but some women are like this (as are some men!)

4. She's neurotic.

Some women don't know how to have a normal relationship. These women aren't really playing hard to get as much as they're simply being their typical Sybil selves. She might think she wants you one day but not the next. My advice to you? Unless this girl looks like Giselle and acts like a pro in the bedroom, you really ought to reconsider dating her.

5. She's just not into you.

Some women aren't playing hard to get -- some women really just aren't into you. Unfortunately, some men totally pretend and convince themselves otherwise and continue to offer love tokens and ask for dates. If a woman has turned you down every single time you've asked her out, odds are that she's not interested; please don't waste your time pursuing one of these women.


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