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Why Women Want to Be Like Beyonce

Updated on May 22, 2017

Is wanting to be like Beyonce saying that she is better than you?

Women and men all over the world dream of living in Beyoncé’s world, and many respect her for being able to live in that world, we admire that life so much that we do not mind the problems that come with that life, it what we typically call nice life problems. To what extent are we really honest with the idolisation, envy, and comparison we have with the superstar? How critical is our self-value when it comes to how we view and perceive the superstar. Because in a world where everything is an illusion driven by perception, when do we enter the cold backstage where the lights are not organized and live in that reality? The moment you see her on a music video that her creative team carefully made to present her to you as someone who has everything figured out right, there is no flaw in those videos and what you see there Is pure perfection, then you get a sense and realization that in this world with the life that we live it is possible to be perfect, one can be flawless beautiful, wealthy and in order. Beyonce has captured your attention with her gold hair and gold skin tone, her small waist and unapologetic movement.

Entertained and happy you’re the challenges that you face fade out. You have grasped a reality of a worry free world and not only wish you could live in ti but know that it is possible, and indeed it is, you weigh out the measures in your head that have a conversation with our reality, how can you become that, they ask? You begin dissecting the composites of Beyonce, the hair the skin, the body, the simple things that you can do today to somehow feel as that woman, and because you know that her discipline has to be more than just how she looks you dissect her behavior, how she moves how unapologetic she is you encourage yourself t get yourself in order, get in formation as she would say, you know that you have to become a confident beautiful women as you saw in video and have all you have dreamed of as you saw in the video, I'm picking one of my favourite Beyonce videos crazy in love, you remember the girls that were foloe=wing her, the jay z in the car, the photoshoot where she looked on point, and that moment she was in those red heels and could move her body any way that she wanted? That video.

Beyonce is always there to remind you that reality does not have to be so bad, and she has been for years, you know when they talk of nice life problems , she has those as well, all the drama in her marriage, the situations with her dad, her sister and her former friends from the destinire=es child group, a lot of women found a place to identify themselves with her struggle, we saw women call out a man for cheating and forgive him just like she did, we could see that even though you have problems with our family it is ok, because even Beyonce has them, she consoled people by letting them know that there are time when reality gets tough, even though that never damaged her or broke her down, because Beyonce does not breakdown she will never fall as she clearly painted in her lemonade video, she showed people that no matter what happened or happens to her she will have a happily ever after. Which begs the question, is that everyone's reality? More especially those that follow her loyalty and truthfully? by following her like that, by imitating her, by organizing yourself to be more like her, is your faith nd energy saying that no matter what happens you will always have your happily ever after, is that the hope you generate for yourself, through Beyonce?

The order of life has for some reason normalized routine, this is d=so depressing that we hold on to entertainment not only as something that lifts our mood but a lifestyle, entertainers have a life pattern that is different from 9-5 people, us with our girls at club on the weekend, and at church on Sunday. Beyonce's life pattern is very different to that of ours, and this is not an accident, she dreamed of a life pattern that is this way, she dreamed of being adored by millions the way Michael Jackson, she conceived a dream and committed to it, the desire to be idolized superseded any other desire, she desired to have it all, and that idea commanded everything that she has done, every price she paid and friend she lost. That is a big reveal, it is nothing that any other human being cannot do or become, it is merely a desire. The desire to be Beyonce made Beyonce. In a world of 7 billion people, less than 10 million people wake up to go buy her album when it's released, that means that it is her loyal fans that keep up with her hype, and the media that benefits monetarily to stay informed. Your hype and loyalty and desire to be like Beyonce keeps the corporate Beyonce system going, your need to be a confident beautiful successful, loved by millions type of person has so much power, and thanks to her creative team and her well-organized hard working self, you can subscribe some of that power to her. Making her top ten on the most influential, according to liberal media. In a state where you either want what she has or live through her by imagining yourself as a superstar with nice life problems, you engage yourself with her world, protect her and stay loyal to protect that which makes you happy, to protect your dreams of having it all. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, the remaining 6,9 billion people should be living in this world, with this dream, respecting her for her ability to give people a hope that they to can be big and loved by millions and only experience nice life problems.

Yet unfortunately reality is the order of life that has many trapped in a 9-5 system with the allowance of the weekend with the girls and church on Sunday, the other reality is that the building of a confident beautiful woman is not made up of gold hair gold skin and a nice waist, neither is it made up of the desire to become someone as big as Michael Jackson and the discipline to follow through with that dream. And that is the reality that many people have come to realize, the success of a black woman needs a revitalized perception where a woman with round noses and some stretch marks achieve enormous success, without an inner desire to be rich and famous, or pretty. Not that women are not beautiful and successful, but rather that the channels can be realized without selling some kind of sexy in the process. When you look at yourself and imagine yourself having it all, and truly you should have it all, perhaps using a different view, understanding and truth will do you much benefit. Try and paint a picture of you as a successful woman using your own brush, and not bending it to other peoples brushes. Imagine the thick curly dark hair having the man of her dreams, the round nose being able to express herself to the world, the not so perfect figure being as rich as bill gates without feeling the need to adjust it, imagine your bottom with stretch marks being loved by millions of people.

Keeping up with someones world is no crime, nor is wishing to be like them, but unapologetically I will say losing yourself to pledge allegiance to the idea of you possibly becoming like someone, and daydreaming of their world as your own, makes it all useless, like why where you are given a life on earth if all you were going to do, was keep up with the Kardashians with it, look at what their wearing and get that look? Look at what they had their holiday and make sure you go there as well? I mean it should be nice to build your own reality, just like they did, and make sure that it is your own.

The woman envy we have of Beyonce comes with daydreams and wishes made that somehow we can get a taste of that life, the love that she automatically receives form millions of people, the order in which she presents herself and the loyalty she commands from her fans is splendors. It is the vision that every man and women see when picturing the terms of a modern day, popular culture woman. Even the flaws she presents are perfect. The name Beyonce commands respect and is the most known name in the world. Talk about fame, this is worship and she has worked hard for it.


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