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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Choose the Guy Who Gives You the Thrill

Updated on January 7, 2017

1. You will always doubt what he feels for you

At first, thrill can be fun, you'll never get bored and tired of him, because he always makes you think whether or not he likes you. In the long run, you'll eventually get tired of it, when you are ready to settle down and he's still giving you the thrill. It might be fun now, but think about what will happen later.

2. Your partner should be your comfort zone

Maybe being with him is fun today, but in the future? I don't think so, your partner should be your comfort zone, don't be with a guy you can't fully understand and you can't be comfortable with, it will only lead to a break-up.

3. It always leads to a break up

Spare yourself, don't insist of being with a guy that gives you thrill be with a man who gives you all the things you deserve, not a guy who always gives you uncertainty and pain. There's a 100% you'll break up or 100% you'll be unhappy.

4. You will only regret it

Yes, it might be fun now, but as you grow older, you'll realize that the time you invested with him is just time wasted. You'll regret it. Don't do it.

5. You don't deserve it

No matter who you are or where you came from, you deserve all the assurance in the world. Don't settle for uncertainty, it will only cause you to doubt yourself, and you don't deserve it.

6. Sooner or later, the thrill will be gone and you'll be left with him

Don't date him, because for now he's fun, because of the thrill, but I promise you, the thrill will pass, and you'll only realize your mistake once it is so deep that you'll be afraid to start over with someone new.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 15 months ago

      First of all dating is suppose to be a FUN social activity!

      Not everyone is out searching for their "soul-mate". This is especially true if their primary focus is on getting a degree or climbing the career ladder. In such circumstances "casual dating" can be a stress release.

      On the other hand if one is searching for a spouse then their goal should be to find someone who is (mentally) in the "same place".

      All relationships for the most part start off as casual and "evolve" based upon compatibility, chemistry, and mutual goals and desires.

      What gets people into trouble is when they knowingly invest too much time with others {who are not} what they want for a serious relationship.

      Oftentimes they stick with someone as a matter of convenience, feeling comfortable, the sex is great, and so on.

      What should have been a "one night stand" or four week fling ends up going into several months or years. Some folks foolishly attempt to "change water into wine" after having invested so much time.

      The real reason why you shouldn't go for the person who gives you a thrill is if you (lack the self-discipline) to see people for who they are and fail to understand when it's time to walk away.

      Being young is really about being a "thrill seeker", learning, growing, evolving and having FUN.

      "Never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart."