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Why You Shouldn't Date a Married Man

Updated on January 26, 2011

I could start this off by saying the most obvious reason one shouldn't date a married man -- because he's married -- but the simple truth is this isn't a significant deterrent for certain types of women. Also, before we go blaming everything on the harlots, let's remember that it takes two to tango; a harlot can't get into a pair of pants that don't already want to drop. So. If you're one of the harlots in question and you're looking for "better" reasons to avoid skanking around with a married man, consider the following list of reasons women shouldn't date married men. And if you're the kind of woman who doesn't have any scruples about this whatsoever, there are better names for you than harlot.

1. You're a toy.

Now, if you like being a toy, this may be attractive to you. If, however, you're someone who would rather be a considered a woman, this ought to annoy you greatly. Married men have affairs for numerous reasons, but whatever they are, they very rarely take the other woman seriously. And if you're young and gorgeous, you are even more the toy.

2. It's highly unlikely that he'll leave his wife for you.

I'll be fair here and say that some men do leave their wives, but even those who do that usually put the other woman through years and years of promising to do so. Even if he hates his wife, he knows that leaving her could lead to big losses in several areas of his life, not least of which would be his wallet. And his odds of losing big financially would be greatly increased if he left her for another woman, as the word paramour rarely looks good on a court docket.

3. If he does, he may do the same thing to you someday.

This single concept has driven more than one woman mad. If a man is willing to leave the mother of his children for a harlot like you, what's going to stop him from leaving a harlot like you for the sexier, younger and more beautiful harlot who comes along next? Let me help you answer that -- nothing.

4. His children are likely to hate you.

On first glance, this one may not seem all that problematic. After all, you'll probably never live with them, even if he divorces his wife for you. But you can be sure that most mothers will tell their children all sorts of nasty things about you -- some true, some likely not, but all believable -- and this may spill over into their relationship with their father. Which means that your mere presence may put a strain on the man you've been having an affair with, which may lead to the next item on the list.

5. He's going to resent you for something at some point.

If he's left his wife for you, and lost a lot of money in the process, his subconscious will blame that on you. Yes, it's mostly his own fault, but this isn't the most upstanding man on the block and he's not going to take responsibility for himself if he doesn't have to. But even if money isn't an issue, he's bound to resent you for possible strains in other areas of his life, such as family (his kids, his parents), work, etc. He may not even realize he feels that way, but you can be sure that these things will often be at the root of future bickering.

6. You'll always be the other woman, even if you marry him.

His friends and family are always going to view you as the harlot who couldn't keep her knickers up. Yes, they'll think badly of him as well, but he's blood and you're not, so they'll want to blame most of it on you. The only exception to this is when the wife was an evil witch that everyone hated -- in these cases, the family may accept you. But you'll still always be number two. Or three, or whatever number he's up to these days.


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