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Why are Men Soooo LAZY? 15 Things Men Do (or don't do) that drive women nuts!

Updated on September 17, 2015

It's just the The Norm, Norm

I know women will agree with me instantly, I know because we discuss it ALL THE TIME! Men are incredibly home, at work, in relationships..what on earth is the deal guys?

Let me say from the outset, this is a generalization, I know there are a handful of men out there (mostly gay I think) who will nod their heads in agreement, because there are some of you who have actually evolved beyond the paradigm and deserve our respect, appreciation and admiration.

Before you get all haughty though, read my list below and tell me I'm wrong?

Role Reversal - What if Women Behaved like Men?

15 Freakishly Easy Ways to NOT Be a Lazy Male

1. The toilet seat needs to be up when you pee and down when you're finished because it's hygienic, not because we are being bossy! Women actually have to SIT on that seat to pee and we'd rather not do it in a puddle of your urine thank you very much! In case you still need some scientific evidence, get it here from WebMD

2. When you make a sandwich, please close the bread bag/bin so the bread doesn't become hard and stale, yes that's what those little plastic thingamajigs are for! You wouldn't believe how often the men in my home will complain about mould on the bread or how hard the slices have got but they will never seal the bag!

3. When you've made your sandwich, pack your ingredients back into the fridge or cupboard - who do you think is going to do it if not you? the cleaning fairy? What I particularly love about this one is that when somebody else does it (e.g. the kids) the man will roar through the house about untidyness, who do you think they learned it from dad? Monkey see monkey do!

4. Pick up your laundry, dirty socks belong in the laundry hamper along with everything else soiled, not in piles on the bedroom floor or in piles right next to the hamper. Do you think women like touching your dirty sweaty socks and underwear? Would you pick up ours? C'mon man!

5.Pack the coals away after a braai (BBQ), why do you leave them outside to get eaten by the dogs, rained wet, used by kids to paint each other black? You used them you put them away. It's not hard. It will also save you from rushing around 5 minutes before the next social event to buy new ones because you'd forgotten them in the rain AGAIN.

6. Wash your utensils after a braai / bbq, or at the very least bring them inside. leaving fat smeared greasy utensils outside for the dogs to lick and to attract flies is just gross.

7. Clean up the garden and outside general areas. If the woman has to clean inside the house, then the man must clean outside, fair is fair! It's supposed to be a partnership and to be honest outside is a lot easier to clean than inside, its also the part your neighbours see first, so please, have some pride, use that lawnmower / leaf blower / rake you insisted on buying at the hardware store. Even if you can only do it for 2 hours a weekend, you'll feel so proud of your home aftwerwards - and by default yourself!

8. Pack your dirty dishes in the dishwasher or heaven forbid, wash dishes! I have seen my own hubby yell about dirty dishes in the house and then dump his dirty plate in the sink and walk away. He will yell at our kids to pack / unpack the dishwasher but will probably do it himself once every 6 months, again when it comes to kids, monkey see, monkey do! This is biology of our species and every species on earth, so they will not do what you say...they will do as you do. So the best way to train your kids is to do it yourself!

9. See a mess? PICK IT UP! Do not yell at your kids and ytour wife about who did this and then walk away...chances are your wife spends all day cleaning up after you and your kids, wiping up a little spilled sauce on the kitchen counter will not give you leprosy, just pick up a cloth and DO IT!

10. Take out the trash, even if its just once a week. I know this is often a kids chore but you'd be amazed how much less you'd have to nag the kids if you'd pitch in once in a while and set a good example!

11. Make dinner - even if its egg on toast. You are probably driving home every day wondering what it is your wife has whipped up for you to consume in 3 minutes when you get home. Did it ever occur to you that she NEVER gets to experience this? Once a week, take over the kitchen and make her a bite to eat so that she can also have 5 minutes to herself. She'll appreciate the gesture far more than you realize. Even just giving her a ring in the morning and telling her you'll bring dinner home with you will make her day. You making 1 out of 21 meals in a week doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it?

12. Keep the Garage Tidy. When we cannot park our cars because your tools are all over the place and the door has to be kept shut tight in case one of our children dies in a freak power tool accident, you have failed miserably. We don't leave spatulas all over the house and randomly leave plugged in microwaves and 3 extensions on the front patio do we? Step up please.

13. Clean up the bathroom after you've shaved etc. It may surprise you to know that when you leave the bathroom, other people use it after you and we cannot wash our hands with shaving cream! Nor do we like to have to share the sink with your stubble, so please, give it a wipe and pack away your stuff. Have you ever gone to brush your teeth and found my razor where your toothbrush should be? Or washed your face with my shaving cream because I left it in the way? No, I didn't think so.

14. Help out with the kids. You will not die of some dreaded disease if you changed your child's dirty shirt or wiped that messy ice-cream smear off their may actually bond more with your offspring - imagine that!

15. Paint / varnish / sand the house, a man's home is his castle remember? Well, bad news King Tut, if you don't look after it, it will fall apart from sun, hail, rain or damp damage and you will look like king of a dumpster! So get up off the couch, grab some tools and a pot of paint and get to work. We don't send you to work in dirty crumpled clothes on an empty stomach, so please don't make us live in a dumpster!

A Couple who Works Together will Stay Together!

Revenge Can Hurt

Remember always, there is nothing stopping the lady of the house from going on strike. This could lead to a rather messy war zone and is an extreme response, but sometimes there's nothing else for us to do but stop bathing, brushing, washing, packing and cleaning and see what happens next!


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      I knew I deserved better too! And that's exactly why I went about fixing that little issue and making sure it never happens again! Thanks Candice.

    • Glowfaerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Candice Jules 

      3 years ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      Thank you fpherj48, and I agree, women and our indoctrination are definitely part of the problem!

      Sorry to hear you've had a run in with infidelity, you deserve better.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my Hub :)



    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      You know....I'm sure that you are accurate about 98% of the male population. "Most" men leave all those things you mention, for the "little woman." (Sweet of them isn't it?) Is it OUR fault? Do Mom's spoil their sons and wait on them hand & foot? Do men develop these bad habits because, well, because "they CAN?"

      I'll be damned if I know. "Some" wives will just let it all slide and continue to run around after a man to clean up, pick up and take care of the slack. So, why do we do this?

      Just to give fair mention to the other side of this issue.....MY Dad was a very helpful, actively involved husband and father. He did his share and then some. Nice guy, huh? Yes, he was.

      I raised my sons to be independent. Take care of themselves and most of their own needs....learn to use a washing machine, even iron....cook and clean their room. What they did once they left my home, is up to their wives. I see 2 of them get away with murder and the other 2 have wives who treat them like I did. Hmmmmm, is this my proof that it's OUR fault ladies? I hope not!

      Oh, one more thing...I had a husband who helped a lot with just about everything. Yeah, great, right? Not so fast. I discovered I much preferred a LAZY husband who didn't CHEAT!!

      Can we win, ladies? Beats the hell outta me!! Great hub!

    • ogochukwu1 profile image


      3 years ago from NIGERIA

      Cooperation and unity is the key. A man shouldn't stay idle, he must work and also support his wife. Men are bread winners, then home jireh so they must stick to their responsibilities

    • Glowfaerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Candice Jules 

      3 years ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      I hope that's a giggle in there Happy Moment! Glad you enjoyed :)

    • Happy Moment profile image


      3 years ago from The Eastern Bypass

      Hahahaaa! You have killed me.I am a man but I am not lazy


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