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Why are we giving them so much attention?

Updated on December 11, 2009

Scandals in the news

     I can't speak for other people, but I for one am getting so tired of hearing about Tiger Woods.  He is just the latest in a long line of scandals that our media never tires of exploiting.  Don't we have anything better to do?  The amazing thing is that every time another one of these horrible women come forward, hundreds of people google her name to read about her.  Who cares?  She is a home wrecker.  Why would you want to know about her?  Maybe we should pay more attention to Tiger's wife and children.  They are the victims here.  Instead people are going to tear the wife up.  They are going to say that he had to look elsewhere because she was doing something wrong.  Do we really think that people?  Are we that twisted these days?

     Step back and really look at infidelity.  It is an individual problem.  Most cases it has nothing to do with a bad marriage,  In fact many times the marriage is wonderful, the spouse extremely attentive and caring.  The myth that the man cheats because the woman has let herself go to pot after having babies, hmmm, take a look at Tiger's wife and oh, yes Jennifer Aniston for that matter and let's revisit that myth.  It is not true.  And if it were that fact, the man should love his wife for who she is on the inside, not the outside.  If that is the case, they should not be married.  What if the spouse was in a horrible accident and had their face burned off?  That gives the spouse the right to cheat?  I think not.

    Infidelity is a horrible offense.  It is hurtful to everyone involved.  The spouse, the children and sometimes the lovers do not even know the person is married, so there is another victim in those cases.  Infidelity can be so far reaching.  If it is happening in an office, there can be coworkers affected by your affairs.  More than that, is the trust issue.  If you cannot even keep a promise to the people who mean the most to you in the world(spouse and children), then how can ANYONE trust you?  I would not trust these people in the business world, or with my children if they are their caregiver, they cannot keep a promise, an important one.

     If someone commits one indiscretion, they need to learn from it.  They need to get help.  It is wrong.  If you are not happy in your marriage, get out!  Do not cheat on your spouse and stay in the marriage.  That is selfish and downright cruel.  Come clean, go for counseling and if your spouse throws you out, so be it, be accountable, you made the choice.  Think about it before you do it.  If the spouse decides to keep you it means that he/she has acknowledged the issues and has decided to work with it, they should be applauded, not jeered as they are by the press and outsiders.  NOONE knows what really goes on inside ones home and should not assume to know.  If it happens again, the spouse should say goodbye, but if they are willing to try after the person seeks counseling, that is their business.

   As far as the lovers.  Are you ridiculous?  Stop trying for your five minutes of fame.  Your fame is as a tramp.  Is that really what you want to be known for?  Any woman who knowingly goes for a married man is a sad, sad woman.  She also is in desperate need of counseling and should seek it immediately.  How can you possibly put your head down on the pillow at night? We women should stick together.  Have a little pride in yourself.  The odds are that you will be discarded and if you are not, do you really want to get a man like that?  How will you ever be able to trust him?  We are in a sad state these days that we think this is the norm in our society.

    Let's set an example for our children.  Think about our soldiers going oversees, think about those who are doing wonderful things to help the needy during this holiday season.  Let's see news coverage of all the concerts and events celebrating peace on earth during the season of joy we have in December.  Highlight things that are important.  Focus on breakthroughs in science, ANYTHING but the disgusting relationships of yet another sports star, politician, reality TV star or movie star.


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