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Why are you not having many friends?

Updated on October 15, 2014

If you are wondering why you are not having many friends, you must realize that there may be some solid reasons for this. In general, bad manners may keep people off you. You may not get invitations even for the parties or functions they may conduct.
This means you may have to make a few changes to your behaviors; They may be minor tweaks or they may require long-term efforts. But if you do not effect such changes, you will continue to repel people.
The foremost step is that if you are in habit of badmouthing people, you should stop this habit forthwith. Especially, there cannot be a worse thing than speaking about those who are not present on the scene. Remember when you are pointing at the mistakes of others, you are comfortably becoming oblivious of the mistakes you are committing. Remember also that you are not infallible.
Secondly, your friends may discard you if your table manners are terrible. Some people may lean on their elbows, rock the table or they may try to chew with their mouths full. This does not mean that you should sit straight and make yourself miserable just for the sake of maintaining table manners. But it is enough if you remember some basic things.
Refrain from telling embarrassing jokes, especially at inappropriate moments. Though everyone of us may like to enjoy humor, we may not relish when people overdo things. Racist or sexist jokes fall under the category of embarrassing jokes.
You can not have many friends if you frequently go against your team. Though telling your opinions, asking questions and debating are good, arguing without any basis and not giving credits where they are due show that you are a failure as a team player. Likewise, if you go to restaurants or for dinner parties, you must readily and willingly pay your share. Others should not think that you are a moocher.
If you are a bad listener, no one will like to hang out with you. Some people keep interrupting when others talk. A few others may be sending texts on their mobile phones without even bothering to listen. There are yet a few others who seem to have allowed their minds to drift. You must follow the 80/20 rule, listen 80% and speak only 20%. If you do not listen to what others say, you may miss out on a lot of vital information they may be trying to tell you.
You must do an introspection and find out if you have any of these problems. You can easily change them but it needs application of mind, involvement and efforts.


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