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Why do Woman Cheat in Relationships?

Updated on August 9, 2015

How many percent of women cheat ?

It is estimated that 14%-40% of married women have intimate relationship with another man other than her spouse. Another online survey has discovered that 25% out of 9400 women will cheat if they can get away with it. The question is why women cheat? The answers lie in external temptations and her internal needs.

Top 12 Reasons Women Cheat in a Relationship


The number of women in workplace has increased tremendously from decades ago, which give them more opportunity to meet more men. No longer a stay-at-home mother, but a career woman who travels as much as man, the amount of time she spends away from husband, and spends with another man can create the windows of opportunity for extra marital affair.


Worldwide internet access creates more opportunity to meet the opposite sex. Chat room, social network sites and so on blatantly court married men and women looking for a little extra out of their routine marriage life.

Taken for Granted

When women are not appreciated for what they did at work and at home, attention from another opposite sex becomes extremely tempting. Women today are more sophisticated than before. They have higher expectation of emotional needs, intimacy, and relationship satisfaction. A woman will not be happy in a relationship if she feels neglected, ignored, under appreciated or taken for granted. When she is not happy in a relationship, she will either start looking elsewhere, or if another man comes along who can fill in her needs, she will be tempted to take it.


Some women just need some excitement out of her routine life. Marriage is good. Work is fine. But she is bored. She needed something extra-ordinary and fun. When another man comes along, flirts and shows some serious interest, she maybe hesitating at first, but if the man persists, she falls for it.


She thinks she married the wrong guy

When romance fades, she thinks he is not actually the man she thought he is. Instead, he is a man with bad habits she cannot stand any longer. Women with wrong fantasy of a man often ended up cheating. She didn’t really understand him before committing her life to him. Or she committed to him with the hope that he would change after the wedding bell rang.


Some women enjoy the attention of men even after entering the marriage life. She needs to feel desired and loved by more than one man. Even when the partner is perfectly loving and romantic, her ego needs a constant boost to prove that she is still very attractive, sexy, and desired by many men. Attention from other men is an instant self-esteem booster. The more the better !


When a woman catches her significant other cheating, mixed feelings would set in, and her immediate reaction is often to take revenge. She thinks that having sex with another man is away to heal her pain or pay back his wrong-doing. Feeling inferior, attention from another man is actually a very effective way to make her feel loved and desired again.

Long distance relationship

Unfortunately, “absent makes the heart grows fonder” does not happen in all the relationship. When the passion fades, and someone else comes along, the relationship can be difficult to sustain.


There is nothing seriously wrong with the man or the woman, except their interest differs. She likes to stay at home, while he likes to travel. He likes sports events, while she likes musical concerts. When incompatibility sets in, and the couple goes separate way. When the couple finds difficulties to accept each other differences, fights and arguments started. The man and the woman will start to look elsewhere for fill in their emptiness and needs.

Lack of Sex

Woman likes to feel wanted. Do you remember during the dating days when you have all the time to fool around in bed with her? When kids come into the marriage life, sleep has become more important than sex. Or work has become more demanding, and you started work till very late at night. Don’t let kids or work get in the way. Woman needs to feel desired and loved. If you cannot fulfill her needs, she will find it somewhere else, or someone else will come along to fill up the empty cup in her.


When a woman went through a physically, emotionally and/or mentally abusive relationship, and another fine man comes along, it is easy to fall for him who provides the necessary support, love and comfort that woman needs.

Craving for Intimacy

Women desire intimate relationship more often than men. Unfortunately, some partners neglect this area of wives’ needs. Non-sexual interaction such as cuddling, touching, kissing, gift-giving, being thought of and paid attention to are meaningful communication for women. Women who are not getting their intimacy needs met by partners will welcome someone else who can fulfil their needs through sexual or romantic relationships.


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    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      michememe, thanks so much for visiting this page and commenting. The term, "follow your heart" can be quite destructing in some circumstances, and it may lead to "bitterly ever after" instead of "happily ever after at times." Don't you agree ?

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      Thank you dialogue for your comment. Yes, men cheat like women too, it'd be interesting to dig into the statistic to find out the differences.

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 5 years ago

      I have asked women, who are cheaters why do they cheat? The reasons you have here are most of their answers. I also wanted to know why wouldn't they just leave? The answers varied in that question. Either way.

    • dialogue profile image

      dialogue 5 years ago

      The above reasons were absolutely true. Especially the Internet, now a days long distance relationships were being created through Chat rooms and social network sites. This is becoming the easiest way for more excitement. Not only women but men too were doing the same. However, the above article is great. Good work!

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      Appreciate your interesting observation and comment, dashingscorpio. I think you have a good point.

      Thank you too, Mellonyy for your honest opinion.

    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      Great point of view, I think the same way-women should not be taken for granted. Thanks for SHARING!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      Men cheat for these very same reasons. I would also add that; "Monogamy is a (lifestyle choice) and not a genetic code."

      Not everyone takes to monogamy naturally or instinctively when they enter into a relationship. The more sexual experience one has with a variety of partners the more difficult it would be to settle for an "average" sex life with one person. Having experienced better in the past will naw on your mind from time to time. Some people also could never be happy with (one) of anything. Try as they might to (conform) they fail over and over again. They get bored easily and crave variety. For them it's like going on a (strict diet) after living at the buffet.

      Those who get married as virgins, or had a strict religious upbringing, or have a low sex drive find monogamy not to be a challenge. If they do cheat it's not about sex but rather finding someone who treats them the way they believe they deserve to be treated. One man's opinion! :-)