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Why do people cheat: Avoid being cheated on

Updated on May 1, 2012

Why do people cheat: Avoid being cheated on

For years I have wondered why people cheat. It's an unsolved mystery that people think about daily. I have been tested to the core in relationships. Relationships have their ups and downs. What I don't understand is how people can have a good women or man at home and then they cheat. It really makes you wonder about the key issues in life and are you really meant to be with the person your with.

Cheating I think can start with a board routine in the relationship, stress, attraction(weight gain before and or after children, the sex and etc. Some couples feel the only way to fix a stressful relationship is to go and cheat. Cheating is not always the escape route. Over the years yes there are couples that grow apart over time. A man or women can be physically attracted to a person but that doesn't always mean they are physically fully satisfied in the bedroom.

In relationships that I have been in I do feel like my other half got board with my old habits and not wanting to go out clubbing like others my age. I am a laid back person always have been and probably will be. Going to the movies, movie nights at home, late night drives, going out to eat is my version of a good time. To some of my ex's who were comfortable with my laid back tendencies , probably seen it as an open cheat. A open cheat is an escape route that pushes that person to cheat. Yes it hurts to be cheated on. Blaming yourself for all the wrong reasons, tears of the question Why, low self esteem and humiliation. I always ask myself over and over were they that board with me being laid back? Back then I wish I would have communicated more. Communication plays a big better role in relationships.

Being a mom can put stress in so many areas in your life including your spouse, your kid(s) and yourself. When you put stress on yourself it can possibly put tension in a relationship. Some men and women start to impact so much stress it goes against their appearance(inside and out. Some gain weight and others start to dress down. Balance is so important in relationships. Balancing your job, kid(s) and spouse is challenging. Sometimes stress can make you a better and wiser person. Every person is tempted to experience something new but it doesn't mean you have to cheat. Spicing up a relationship is a great way to avoid cheating and being cheated on. Trying new positions, toys, movies, massages(oils) and even hanging out with other couples is great ways to avoid being cheated on or temptations that lead to cheating.

Change doesn’t have to be bad it can be a breath of fresh air to make a relationship very successful. Being cheated on doesn't have to break u but can make you stronger as a person. Having high self esteem for yourself and staying confident can make you stand apart of the crowd. Low self esteem puts you in a position to be cheated on. You should never put yourself in a position for open cheat.

The world is filled with lots of competition beautiful, sexy, cute and handsome men and women. So as an individual if you love your other half stay current with the latest fashion, trends, makeup, hairstyles and positions. When you stay up to date with different trends of your other half’s likes and interests you are avoiding being cheated on.

Communication should always be number one. You should never be afraid to tell your other half your likes, wants and interests. Trusts is wonderful but trust will only go so far. You can trust a person but that doesn't always mean they'll trust your actions.

Live life to the fullest and whatever you decide to do in life always keep it safe and keep yourself happy. If you cheat make sure it's worth it think about all the options before you take action on your thoughts, because being hurt and alone is no fun.


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