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Why do people wear rings on left hand?

Updated on January 13, 2013


Rings worn by many men and women of all ages and nationalities, but what is the significance of the ring on a particular finger, he knows not everyone. Try to understand the language of rings.

According to the Dictionary of the Russian language, "ring - a subject which has a circular shape, hollow inside. This object, metal ring, put on the fingers as a decoration or symbol of marriage. "However, according to psychologists, is of great importance not only a ring as a finger on which it is worn.

Tips regarding Tungsten carbide wedding bands

Tungsten carbide is a very heavy, very durable and very hard metal with a rich, dark Grey color. Because of it's hardness, tungsten carbide is more wear resistant than other metals - it will hold it's shape and shine longer than other metals, will not bend, and is the only metal that will stay permanently polished. Tungsten carbide is so strong that it's hardness is often compared to that of a diamond. This strength makes a tungsten carbide wedding band a good option for those individuals who work a lot with their hands, since it will be able to withstand harsh treatment and still keep it's good condition. In comparison to 18kt gold, tungsten carbide weighs about the same, but is about 10 times harder. The harder the material, the better resistance it has to being scratched. Another factor that is appealing about tungsten carbide is it's hypoallergenic nature. It is a great option for individuals with sensitive skin or those who are susceptible to metal allergic reactions. Tungsten carbide is very neutral to the body and will not irritate the skin or cause a pigment discoloration. The fact that tungsten carbide is unique also makes it very desirable in and of itself.

Where did the language of rings come from?

According to some sources, the so-called "language of the Rings" originated in ancient times and lasted up to our and your age. In ancient times the Romans wore simple iron ring seals, and an ornament featuring some classes. In ancient Chinese harem silver ring to be worn on the finger courtesan approaching imperial box. After performing their duties wearing a ring on her right hand. In the tradition of ancient Chinese gold ring meant a woman in the last months of pregnancy.

Since ancient times it was believed that each finger has its own "energy." The index is a "center-willed" person, the average person tells a self-assessment, the ring is directly related to the area of sensuality, and the little finger is responsible for the aesthetic appreciation of the world. Ironically, but in modern images of the human energy field of the fingers as if illuminated, literally radiating energy flows.

The Reason Why Wedding Rings Are Worn on The Left Hand

"Language of the Rings" in our time

Whatever the language of rings was in ancient times to the present century, it came about that understanding.

Ring on the little finger often try to emphasize their certain creativity. These rings, such as Marlene Dietrich preferred to others. However, if the person in front of you has nothing to do with the world of music and art, the ring will tell you that the owner of it is quite capable of surprising some fad.

Middle finger 'ringed' personality, confident in its irresistible. And irresistible directly proportional to the value of Stone, to whom we decorate the longest and middle finger of your hand.

Decoration ring index finger is also quite logical. This points directly to the ring lust for power and the desire to be first. These rings are often worn the famous generals and rulers - Caesar, Ivan the Terrible. In this case, a role played by the fact on which hand the ring is located. If the right hand only emphasizes strong will and pride of wearing, the ring on her left hand may well indicate a tendency to hysteria and even delusions of grandeur!

Not ignored and thumbs. The ancient Greeks considered the thumb symbol phallus and to protect the "masculine" worn on the thumb of the iron ring. Perhaps, therefore, is that the owners of these rings as if trying to emphasize their power and sexuality.

Recently, all kinds of fashionable young people wear rings on their toes, but this is a strange accessory, regardless of the finger, says only wish to draw attention to themselves.

We deliberately missed the significance of the ring on the ring finger, because he gives the greatest sign, since this finger is not worse than a passport can talk about marital status of the owner. In contrast to the other fingers, the ring finger with the ring has lost its meaning and interpreted only this: before you a man who is married or single. The ancient Egyptians were awarded the title of this finger "arteries of Love", leading directly to the heart. In Rome, iron or bronze ring were given as a symbol of unbreakable bond of matrimony. Gold rings come to us only in III-IV centuries.

What does our ring finger mean in Chinese

Which hand wear the wedding ring?

It is noteworthy that in Russia, wedding rings are worn on the right hand, and on the west - on the left. Why such a difference? It's simple - Orthodox Christian wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, because we are baptized with his right hand and the right hand is committing most of the actions and activities. Of course, the ring can be worn on the left arm, but why unnecessarily violate church used? Hence it follows that Catholics wear the wedding ring on her left hand.

If you look at the old portrait, we can see that, along with the wedding ring put on another, often with small stones. Usually wear a wedding ring second. Widowed, wedding rings worn on the other arm and a second marriage was made to change the wedding ring, even in those cases where it was a common law marriage, despite the fact that the rituals concerning it did not work out.

It is no secret that the wedding ring itself is not so much a decoration as a symbol of fidelity of the spouses. To this effect and have some signs: loss of a wedding ring is a great sin, which could lead to a variety of family troubles and even the destruction of the marriage tie. Do not be a happy marriage and to predict when the engagement ring ceremony will drop over time. No wonder in Russia, said: "A wedding ring at the altar to drop - not good zhityu."

Of course, few people today give importance to the information carried by the ring (except for wedding), but if you look closely to their owners, we can always learn something new for themselves.

Wedding ring on the right finger


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