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Suicide among the LGBT community, it gets better

Updated on February 9, 2012

A flaw ?

Suicide among the gay population is increasing as more and more people try to reach out and cry for help. How many people would take the time to listen and hear what another has to say or respect their opinions for that matter? How it is the world’s population has succumb to total annihilation when it comes to someone who strays away from the ideal life style of their own preference. Being gay myself there we’re times that it all must seemed impossible to fit in. Outcast yes, a freak…… No. I would sit back sometimes as what society has statured or symbolized kids bullying, as kids are just being kids, and imagine what it would be like to pinpoint someone else out on their flaws. If the world took a quick spin and the situation was flipped would they like the feeling that was casted upon me like I was a plague needed to be quarantined. Then again it is not something a lot of people can understand, which are issues we have in a lot of areas around the world. You hate yourself then wonder why? To enable and allow one to build insecurities that you later on try to bury by mimicking and mocking someone else for their flaws.

A quality really?

That may be a human quality that everyone thinks they’re going through something more important than others. We hate to stop and wonder our mind to reach out a hand to someone who may be hurting or seeking out some type of acceptance or approval. I have been punched, stepped on, spit on, slapped, thrown against a locker and humiliated for 9 years in my school experience. I had someone and I quote “why would you sit next to him? aren’t you afraid of getting aids”. Who really takes the time to step back and take a moment to consider what you could be saying could really affect someone else in their life. That could change their outlook and perception and lead them to do something to themselves, because they we’re led to believe to be defaulted or incorrect. I had this theory your soul is like a sphere. As time progresses you sphere expands out of your body (depending on if you let it) and link with the people around you that allows you to reach out and touch another person. As you journey in return you fill your sphere with memories of love, respect, and also despair, anger….. That allows a continuous cycle to rotate in motion.


A person path can be lonely and sad especially when out casted as a shadow, believed to be just a human vessel that was wasted life on earth. Crying in solitude as your heart pounds and your mind races to the thought that maybe one day it will change. I’ve been there and it sucks to see other people around the world going through similar issues and not have someone out there to link their soul with. It took courage and bravery to stand up for myself and when I get to high school things seemed to change for the better. Not so many people are fortunate, people still had their bits they shared, but I learned to love myself for who I was and not what someone else’s wanted me to be.

A song that gave me hope and faith in my thoughest times

What I would say to someone who is going through issues with their sexuality?

I believe everyone has a purpose. That everyone has a destined path they get to venture down in order to find your true potential. It is hard to love yourself if people around shun you in a way that creates a hostel or depressing environment. Someone wise once told me beauty is a symbol of love that you keep close to your soul. So when the time was right and someone needed your help, you would have a immense amount of gratification for yourself that allows you to give someone else that emblem to feel beautiful or special and loved. If you happen to love the same sex then why would it matter to anyone what your business is. Your life is about your journey of self discovery and a chance for you to share your story and hopefully touch the life of someone else. It does get better and if you have any faults in who you are, realize that your a true treasure, beautiful and no different then anyone else. Equal is where I stand and being gay is who I am, so stand together and be proud to love yourself for who you are, because no one is perfect.


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    • zell12 profile image

      zell12 6 years ago

      Thank you both for responding and it is true. It is sad to see someone who is 14-15 years of age committed suicide for something that they can not control. Awareness is what I have been trying to expose and I hope my story will reach someone to where I could help them in any way possible.

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Great hub zell, welcome to hub pages, I lost a good friend to suicide because she was gay, she was bullied terribly at school, and her family were deeply religious so she had to live two lives and it took its toll on her in the end and she killed herself. So reading your hub has brought back some memories of that sad time, but I like this hub very much and will keep popping back to see what some of the others write as its a good topic. :)

      Best Wishes Calpol25

    • profile image

      icountthetimes 6 years ago

      Society isn't really currently geared toward accepting gay people. I know that's changing but there's still a lot of intolerance out there, and a 'being gay is second class' indoctrination mindset from the offset. We have people who still believe that people choose their sexual orientation or can magically change it. Even today the word "gay" is used as in insult, without any real thought as to why that is, and the impact it might have on people struggling with their sexuality.

      The worse aspect though I think is that gay people can grow up behind enemy lines. In some instances of gay suicides parents often become advocates for gay rights in the aftermath of the death of the child. They admit that they might not have been accepting, or in some cases they were vehemently anti gay. If a teenager is being bullied about race, they always have their parents to fall back on for support. If they are gay, often there is no support, or the exact opposite, and from those you love. In an environment where they are being bullied at school too, I can understand why they feel helpless. Thankfully a turning point has been reached and life for gay people should progressively improve for gay teenagers from here on it. Here's hoping anyway.