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Why get Married?

Updated on April 2, 2017

The question, why get married, maybe odd because most people see marriage as a necessity except for Celibate which may be a prerequisite for some priesthood.

Marriage is a sacred union by which man is expected to replenish the earth and, religiously, God commanded man to multiply. However, recent events have shown that man can multiply outside marriage.

There are cases of single parents. Single parenthood gives people the opportunity to raise their child or children alone either because they are unmarried or divorced or do not want to live with a partner. It is also known that some people claim that they do not want to have children. That is why on most dating sites, there are options for those who do not want children in marriage. The latter group shows that some people can be happy in a marriage without a child or children in their marriage. It then means that it is either such people want sensual pleasure without accepting its responsibilities or they just need someone they can trust and live with.

The question, why get married, was asked because people primarily get married so that they can reproduce their kind. That is why in some traditions and cultures, it is not just enough to have a child but also the gender of the child matters. That is to say, some traditions and cultures prefer a male child to a female child. Therefore, in some cases, there will be no peace in the marriage until the gender of choice arrives. Moreover, there are cases in which a man marries more wives so that he can get more children or the preferred gender.

There are many stories in which a marriage was not blessed with children until many years later while some marriages were never blessed due to one reason which could not be explained/solved or unknown. In a few of these stories, the men patiently waited until their marriages were blessed. Some of them waited for ten years or more. Most men could not wait long enough so they got other women pregnant during the waiting process because they needed a child while some women may have sex with other men to see if their luck will change.

It is also known that some marriages start having problems once a woman fails to get pregnant and is delivered of a viable child. That is why some men either send their wife out of the house or they marry another woman depending on the tradition and culture. Marriage, for reproduction, is expected to be a union between a man and a woman. However, happiness is the essence of such union. That means every marriage relationship is all about finding everlasting happiness. That is why things seem to change once happiness is lost in a relationship.

Therefore, it is important for people to know why they want to get married and what defines their happiness in the marriage. That is to say, is the happiness based on having children, the gender of the child and the number of children or can couples still be happy in marriage with or without a child/children? For the latter to be possible, then one’s partner should be enough to make one happy.

People have various reasons for not getting pregnant after marriage. Some may be due to unknown medical conditions while some cases are just inexplicable. Those who are religious have come to agree that it all depends on God and they resolve to wait on God. However, some of them still break down after long wait depending on the degree of their faith. Consequently, it is of vital importance that one is aware that in as much as reproducing our kind is the primary essence of most marriages. It is also good that one knows that man cannot control some events and learn to be happy in marriage with or without child/children. This may be difficult especially when the marriage is only primarily to produce children. That is why; it may be good for us to know why we are getting married in the first place so that we know where our joy and happiness lies in the marriage.


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