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Important question: Why is it mainly men who kill, torture and destroy?

Updated on September 7, 2015

What is the cause of male violence?

Since I was a little boy I have observed with horror that it is mainly male humans who are violent and cruel and of course I have wondered why this is? I chose to stay away from such boys as much as possible and I found many were also bullies as well as being cruel to animals.

Now as a middle-aged man I am convinced that the only logical way forward for the human race to go is for matriarchy to be the way that the world is run. I have concluded this because men over and over and over and over again show themselves to be killers, to indulge in violence against other humans, to torture and act in ways that are horrifically cruel, and to destroy life.

Recorded history of male violence

All recorded history is a grisly tale of wars and male leaders. Even its gods are gods of war! It is a grim tale of invasions, conquests, battles, and domination of men over women, of powerful men against other races they feel are inferior, against animals and against the world of nature and the planet herself. Male inventors are rewarded for creating true weapons of mass destruction. Billions and billions pay not for life-giving help for people or to make life better but to make the military forces even better equipped and trained as killers.

If we examine statistics in the news or otherwise we find that the majority of violent crimes of murder, rape and animal cruelty are committed by men. It is always male serial killers. The lone gunmen and psychos are always male.

I have been inspired to write this hub by a recent news story, which serves as an example of exactly what I mean. Four young Australian men are reported to have savagely wounded a 75-year old "tame and docile" and "nearly blind" flamingo in a zoo. Please read the full story here:

Men in Malta

Another story I recently read was about men in Malta who defy conservation and hunting laws to shoot endangered birds that have to fly over the island on the migration routes. I read a similar report last year which said that these men regard this as showing how "macho" they are. I would say it shows how thoughtless and evil they are!

And if evil is caused by the Devil and demons as religions tell us I have a big question: why is it that these evil spirits are able to make men act in evil ways far more easily than they can women? Does this mean that women are actually better and stronger and more able to resist these demonic forces?

David Icke

If we deny the existence of evil spirits but we accept theories like the one that David Icke has become famous for talking about - that reptilian aliens can control minds from another dimension and that these beings exist in human hybrid bloodlines, which are in all the positions of real power on the planet - again the question must be asked: why are male humans influenced by these evil reptilians and why is it nearly all males that Icke can name as examples of such hybrid beings?

If we do not accept the existence of demons or reptilians, which may well be the same thing, but consider there is a scientific explanation, then we are left with the idea that the male hormone testosterone causes men to fight and kill and be aggressive. Again this doesn't answer the question adequately because there are very many men who are peaceful and yet show plenty of evidence of having a good supply of male hormones in their bodies. So why are men cruel and why are men killers?

In my opinion the question of why men kill and destroy is probably the most important question that needs to be answered. Nearly every problem the world faces now is the result directly or indirectly of actions and decisions made by men. Who makes the wars? Men! Who own and direct the globalist companies? Men! Who own the banks and are heads of the banking families? Men! And if you want to research conspiracy theories where the Illuminati get the blame for it all - once again they are all men!

Men are the rulers of the world with their patriachal system, which embraces science, politics, the media, education and religion. Men create the fabulously wealthy and poverty that billions suffer and die in. Men create the climate of fear, men are the terrorists, men are the inventors and wielders of weapons of mass destruction and it is men who have caused the nightmare state of the world we live in!

And it is not brave men but cowardly ones! It is men we never see. It is men that send other young men into war. It is men who fight against weaker victims just like bullies of childhood and just like the young Australian men who can so cruelly wound an aging flamingo!

© 2008 Steve Andrews


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