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Adventures - Travel Adventure Quest !

Updated on October 22, 2013

100 ! My number 100 hub !

Wow ! I am finally working on hub number 100 after all this time so i have to make it a special one for readers to really enjoy !

It took me quite a while to come up with an idea - Do I write 100 reasons I love my husband ?

100 reasons to be married ? Maybe 100 reasons to be happy ?

No after some consideration I have decided on 100 adventures - some accomplished - The rest is yet to come !

I have had some amazing experiences in life and there is a lot of things we want to do some here in Australia and others overseas while we still are able to together!

Had frogs in my toilet

we love our friendly visitors that drop in !
we love our friendly visitors that drop in !

Love Snorkeling

Ningaloo reef is great to walk in off the beach.
Ningaloo reef is great to walk in off the beach.

Achievements & Adventures in Life

1. I was fortunate enough to be the Mother of 3 beautiful daughters and this is one of life's big adventures that lasts your whole life once started !To bring 3 beautiful girls up to be hard working well liked women is very fulfilling.

2. Over a year ago I remarried to a man who I love very much & we are on a big adventure traveling Australia!

3. Getting to 100 hubs in hubpages !

4.Enjoying a new job at Coles Supermarket .

5. Being able to cook meals that others eat and enjoy.

6. Watching my girls learn to walk , talk etc

.7 Seeing 2 of my daughters get married to nice men .

8. Seeing my girls get their drivers licences and drive responsibly .

9.Having 2 beautiful healthy grandchildren !

10. Completing a senior First Aid course

Waded thru Tunnel Creek Caves

More Adventures in Travel- ships - cruises

11. Sailed from Southampton to New Zealand on the Fairsky at age 5 in 1970

12. Sailed on the Canberra from Auckland to Sydney in 1984

13.Had fun on a speed boat ride in Queenstown

14. Had our own small boat in Picton

15. Kayaked around an island on my own .

16.Went across the Irish sea to Dublin for a weekend .

17. Went by ferry from Dover to Calais France

18. Enjoyed a cruise down the canel in Bruges

19. Loved the River cruise in Paris

20. Saw the London sights from on the river.

21. Watched the New Years Eve Sydney Bridge fire works onboard the Lady Hopeton (closest boat to fireworks!)

22. Did a Princess Cruise for a honeymoon to Tasmania in 2009

23.. Enjoyed a cruise down the River in Hobart.

24. Enjoyed the WOW cruise in Walpole WA

25. Loved the Yardie Creek cruise up Ningaloo Reef

Kalbarri River

Unusual Adventures !

I have had a few unusual adventures like

26.Sitting on a bull in Queenstown NZ

27.Being a passenger on a motorised hang glider over Forster.

28.Been a passenger on a motorbike in the rain from Gore to Christchchurch

29.Fed a wild animal out bush

30.Fed a dolphin at Monkey Mia !

31.Swam with a turtle at Lakeside. Ningaloo Reef

Seen some beautiful sunsets and Camel Riding in Broome

Met crocodiles + traveled on Gibb river rd

Famous Buildings & Bridges

I have been up the

32. Empire State Building

33. Statue of Liberty

34. Sydney Tower

35. Eifle Tower

Been inside

36..Bodiam Castle

37. Buckingham Palace

38. Madam Tussauds


40. The Millenium Dome London

41 and up in the London Eye!

I have walked over the

42. Bridge from Wales to England

43. The Tower Bridge

44. Sydney Harbour bridge

45, Dublins Famous Bridge

46. Bridge between Forster & Tuncurry.


Enjoying Irelands quieter areas
Enjoying Irelands quieter areas
Scenes in Switzerland
Scenes in Switzerland
St Louis
St Louis

Been up Towers

Bell Tower Perth- Rung the bells
Bell Tower Perth- Rung the bells


 I love to & have tried

47. Ride a bike

48. Go Kayaking

49. Ridden a horse

50. Been in a gondala

51. Been on train rides.

52. Been in 2 helicopters

53. Travelled on various size planes.

54. Driven in London

55. Driven across country.



I have worked as a

56. Nanny in London & France

57.Sold insurance

58. Been a telemarketer

59. A Manager for storage units

60. Sold wine club memberships

Theme Parks

 I have visited

61. Dreamworld

62. Movie world &

63. Sea world

64. Euro Disney in France



Cities I have visited

66. Venice

67. Rome

68. Carcassone


70.New York

71. LA

72.San Francisco

73. London.

74. Tokyo

75. Sydney and all main ones except Darwin

76, NZ cities

77.. Dublin

Seen lots of animals

Would like to do

78. Visit Spain - Done !

79. Explore Greece & the Islands - Been there !

80. Drive around Ireland.- Loved our 2 weeks exploring Ireland

81. Do Route 66

82. Go on an African Safari

83. Have a hot air balloon ride !

84. Go snorkeling at some Islands

85.Meet some hubbers in another country.

86. Meet Oprah Winfrey

87. Write a book.

88.Go on another cruise .

88. Go to Alaska

89. See the Grand Canyon.

90. Visit Canada & see the Rockies

91. Buy a campervan in England. _ Bough one - sold it back 6 months later after our trip !

92. Have a dog.

93 . Be married to my husband a long time.

94. Make my husband really happy.

95. Help out in an orphanage

96. Be able to spend time with my Daughters & Granchildren

97. Stay Positive.

98. Help others

99. Love Life

100 . Write another 100 hubs!


We have never had a lot of money ,travel was done on the cheap. I have had 2 miscarriages , done damage to my tailbone , both my knees, had my head cut open twice !

Now I have severe Arthritis in both my knees part way through our trip and struggle with walking but trying to stay positive .

What do you think of our adventures ?

Cast your vote for Our Adventures !


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    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 

      5 years ago from Glasgow

      That's ridiculous! :-(

    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Southern Spain

      I have to wait till I cant walk for ages , Am 48 , they prefer I am about 60-65 as they only last 15 years

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 

      5 years ago from Glasgow

      Omg... My brother just had one at 19!!!!

    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks for your help, Much appreciated - They say I am too young for knee replacements -

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 

      5 years ago from Glasgow

      ;'( Awwh! Well, I'v tweeted it, and Ill be sure to mention to people I know who are looking for stock images. Graphic designer type people, so would need the unlimited version- yay! I keep forgetting that America has private health care- over here, knee replacements are done free :( Emigrate to Scotland? lol x

    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Yes , Because I cannot get new knees before I am unable to walk and he is getting weaker, coughing more so this is to spend quality time together before it is too late .

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 

      5 years ago from Glasgow

      That is heartbreaking! Is that why you's had the big worldwide travel this year? My thoughts are with you, and Ill get sharing your page- I have some arty types who may have a use for some pics xxx

    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks . I am trying to raise $ via my photos now to do more as my husbands health is getting a lot worse

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 

      5 years ago from Glasgow

      I love lists! I love the idea of an adventure list! I need to do this! :) Thanks! Voted up and awesum! :)

    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Southern Spain

      LOL! A lot of this was years ago , We are travelling however have been almost stopped for a year !

    • attemptedhumour profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      You'd best slow down a little now, but not stop of course. It's a good job you don't have to make a list of the things you left out though isn't it?


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