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Why is the term "friend" so loaded these days?

Updated on March 5, 2013

True blue

Why is it so hard to make genuine friends these days? Why does it seem everyone you come across has a hidden agenda? Finding friends that mean you well and actually wish you the best is hard. Is it really worth it to have a friend that your in constant competition with? Loners may have been on to something long ago. After all what would be the point of being friends with someone you can't trust. Being someones friend is a commitment just like any relationship. The older we get the more we grow and shed immature people in our life. It's rare if you will have the same friends that you went to high school with, or even grade school. Why can't people be honest about the type of friend they would like to be upon meeting you? It would save a lot of time and frustration to know what your dealing with and you can also decide if your in fact interested in that type of friend. Let's explore some different types of friends that may cross your path these days. a true blue friend is one that will be with you through thick and thin, doesn't judge you and is always there when you need them. You feel safe confiding in them cause you know they would never betray you. You never worry about losing this kind of friend because of the wonderful trust rapport that was built.


Friends with benefits

Well in this day in age, sex before marriage is more common than not. So occasionally you will run across a person who only wants to befriend for this purpose of sex. Now there is usually some aftermath associated with it and it often times doesn't go as planned. Some people end up becoming actual lovers and others end up hating each other. It's been pretty popular for the past several years and there was even a few movies made addressing this concept. Is this a lifelong friend? That always depends on the parties involved, however it is something to possibly be aware of. Sometimes a person will try and engage you in this type of relationship in a sneaky way. They will at first try befriending you as a platonic friend and then spring the idea on you later. Another approach is by disguising themselves as a potential lover and then slowly coaxing you into a sex only relationship. If it's a mutual agreement than it's referred to as friends with benefits.



People who are friends and enemies do exist but most of the time they have no clue that this is the case. Ever had a friend whom didn't wish you well on an achievement. Showed up late for important events, or talked behind your back? Chances are you didn't have a real friend but a frenemy. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well these kind of friends took that to heart. Most of the time these relationships don't last due to jealousy and backstabbing. Sometimes they may last for years because you would never suspect that your good friend is being that low down. Then you have the kind of friend who are mutually frenemies to each other, taking turns exchanging hateful remarks. Being malicious and breaking each other down whenever possible, yet always ready to party with one another come Saturday night. You would think this is how teenagers conduct themselves but there are adults who follow the same friendship guidelines.


The energy sapper

The is kind of friend is in your life for one reason and one only. That's to sap all your energy. Usually they have nothing nice to say. There always complaining about something and see the world as one big negative ball of energy. You try and be a voice of reason to this person and maybe a positive experience from time to time. You have to limit your interactions because they are a draining experience. You keep this person around mainly because you feel like one day they will change and overall their not a bad person. They just haven't learned a great perspective on life. You also hope that your positive energy will motivate them to think more positively.


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    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      Great Hub, Ive got a few Zappers around I need to get rid of!!votedup for reality :-)