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Why it is Bad to Date Someone You Do Not Know

Updated on November 3, 2015

A lot of people say that when a guy likes a girl he will ask her out right away. While there is some truth to that, some guys are also shy. People who rush into things also do not know each other very well and down the line can fail at the relationship because they jumped into it too soon.

There are many ways to meet someone in today's times. There is online, bars, etc. While it is exciting going on a date with someone new and getting to know them you do not really know that person. You are nervous on the first date and both of you are not sure weather or not you are showing each other your true colors. Usually five months in is when someone's true colors come out.

When you date a stranger they take you for granted because they do not really know you. They do not know all of your amazing qualities that your best guy friend has. If they are not a nice person they might put you down and try to change you. Nothing you do will ever be good enough. You think this person is nice just because you get along but you do not really have a connection because you are not open with each other like the other guy's in your life.

You get to know someone by sharing experiences with them and opening up to them. Sometimes it can be scary opening up to someone for the first time but once you and someone start opening up to each other you begin to establish an emotional connection. That is one of the best feelings in the world. It is an important part of a relationship.

When you go online you share messages back and fourth and then you meet each other. When it is someone you know you have that rush when you see that person. You always want to look your best. You could see weather or not they brag about how much they like you and if they do that is a good thing. You have inside jokes with each other and know each other's friends and family so it is not weird when you have to meet each other's friends and family for the first time. You get to see the difference how they treat you and other girls and you get all of these amazing memories you had over the years. You even have someone who you always leaned on and gave you great advice. Someone who gave you encouragement when you needed it and gave you a new perspective on things.

You know someone's good side and their flaws when you know them before you start dating them. You know what to expect and can't get mad if they do not respond to your text right away like a guy you just met. If you know a guy who is all over the place but has a good heart you know that's just the way he is but a guy online or that you meet in a bar you will automatically think that he does not care about you.

You could see how much they care about you. Guys online and in bars are only looking for one thing. While you could get a guy who wants a relationship most guys want hookups on there. If you are friends first and a guy had feelings for you for a long time you know that he deeply cares for you.

There is nothing like seeing that person everyday and making memory after memory. That person experiencing both the good and bad times with you. Knowing each other inside and out. Seeing that person who you could be having the worst day ever and seeing them will put a huge smile to your face.

There are many reasons to date someone you know. You do not only have to go online or at bars to find someone. It could be your trainer, local barista, pizza delivery guy or a guy who you have worked with for a long time. It could even be someone that you went to high school or college with and reunited with on Facebook. You never know where life takes you and that is what is so great how life is full of so many amazing surprises.


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