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Why long distance relationships are great

Updated on December 22, 2015

#1 Every message is sacred

In a long distance relationship you normally don't speak to your partner face to face most of the time. Because of this every time they send you a text, email, card, etc... It is sacred to you because you normally don't speak to them as you want and you'll appreciate infinitely more!

#2 Calling is heaven

In a long distance relationship whenever you and your partner speak on the phone, simply hearing their voice can make you go crazy of happiness because calling each other can become quite a rare thing in a long distance relationship. Because of this it is pretty nice when you can hear your partner's voice and they can hear yours. You'll notice that they're happy when they hear you too! Take it from someone who is currently in a long distance relationship too!

#3 Distance means more trust

Since both of you are far away from each other, the only way the relationship will work is by having trust on each other, this means that either both of you have trust on the other or the relationship will go in a really bad way. But generally during long distance relationships there is no problem when it comes to trust instead of losing trust on each other the exact opposite might happen. This would be that both of you would have even more trust on the other.

#4 Video calling is something both of you love

Calling alone is something both of you will love quite a bit. BUT! VIDEO CALLING, that's a whole new level! every single person loves to look at their partners face to face even if they can't be physically with each other right away at least you can speak with each other and see their faces. This really brings quite a lot of happiness to the relationship since they can't see each other everyday like most relationships can.

#5 Both of you are indepentent

In this kind of relationships there isn't really a way to be dependent from your partner since they are barely with you at all. Because of this each one of you have to become independent but there is nothing wrong with being independent. Some of the best relationships come when both partners are independent from each other. It really depends on how both partners are.

#6 There is always "Me time"

When you're in a long distance relationship you're not forced to go with your partner all the time and since you spend most of the time alone, you can just chill and relax, even when you're texting him/her you could be doing other things. Even just going out alone to the park or even playing video games there would be no problem since both of you are still living your separate lives.

#7 Looks aren't all

In long distance relationships there is normally no need of lying since you're not dating a person by their looks alone, you see how they really are through their texts. Since you're not really with them then looks aren't that important for a while but if people are only interested in your looks trying to use you as a "trophy" then you might notice that in the way that they treat you. This is rather useful if you're still not sure if the person you're dating is worth the effort or they aren't. What you might find funny is that someone might not be a supermodel but the way they treat you and talk to you might end up making you see your partner as the most beautiful person in the world.

#8 No small talk

When you barely speak on the phone or do video calling there is no small talk, both of you want to catch up on important stuff for example: The situation you're going through, the things you had been doing, what are your plans for the next summer, Christmas, etc... There is barely or no small talk at all in a long distance relationship because every minute of communication with the other is really important So there is no time to have an awkward small talk!

#9 There is more intimacy

While most people think that being besides your partner is the best way to be intimate it really isn't, depending on how you look at it. Actual research have shown that having a long distance relationship makes partners share more meaningful thoughts than people that see each other every single day. Because of them not being together, they don't interact with each other as many times every day as other relationships but when they do in fact interact with each other they do it in a loving way and this kind of interactions lead to intimacy and allows you to know your partner even more. If you don't believe it then you can check it out.

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#10 It takes effort

When it comes to long distance relationships it takes a whole lot of effort just to keep the relationship afloat, since both of you are far away from each other it can take a while for both of you to understand what to do in order to be happy and the most random questions can come like:

"What is he/she doing?"

"Is he/she still interested"

etc... But any problems in a long distance relationship can also be solved rather quickly since it's only both of you speaking and this way your understanding of each other can be even better.

#11 The first time

The first time you see each other face to face is like you're going to a whole new universe. Calling each other or the phone or video calling is nothing compared to being with your partner for the first time. Being with each other might make you so shy that both of you might just might not be able to talk at all for a few minutes. This actually has happened in long distance relationships and once both of you meet it feels like a prize. At the end when all of that hard work both of you did to be able to see each other it makes both of you feel grateful to be with each other.

#12 Golden relationship

If long distance relationships stay afloat and they work with both partners put effort into them then at the end when both partners are together. When both partners are ready to settle down, if they plan on it. Then they will probably have a really happy life because of the trust, independence and intimacy that has been already built during the whole time of their long distance relationship, if both of you made it work throughout all of those hard times that come with long distance relationships then even when you fight it will be easy to solve them since fights are really common in long distance relationships.

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© 2015 Abelardo Lara


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      I was actually referencing teenage people going away to different colleges or whatever when I said they were being unrealistic.

      I witnessed over and over again!

      Naturally there are "exceptions" to every scenario.

      Nevertheless I'm willing to bet statistically very few high school sweetheart relationships survive 4-6 years in long-distance relationships.

      I also have first hand knowledge regarding being in a long distance relationship. When I met my wife I lived in Southern California and she lived in Chicago, IL. We talked a lot on the phone, sent emails, cards, and took turns flying to visit one another at least once per month.

      Just before the one year mark arrived I decided to relocate.

      As I noted earlier the two main requirements for making a LDR work are:

      1. Believing she or he is "the one".

      2. Establishing a "light at the end of the tunnel" when someone relocates.

      Whether people agree with me or not I believe there is a big difference between being with someone nightly for 30 days and seeing someone once in 30 days. Calendar time and time together are not the same.

      If they were no one would "miss their mate" in a LDR.

      Best wishes!

      One man's opinion!:)

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Abelardo Lara 

      2 years ago

      Well like I said before I'm actually going through a long distance relationship too and believe me. When it comes to this kind of relationships at least in my case.

      Time is something that neither me or my partner give a single damn about. I literally told my partner "I'll be with you in 2016" and take in mind I met my partner in 2013 so even if you say "unrealistic" well personally I find it something easy to do.

      Of course a long distance relationship is not something for everyone, it depends on the person and their partner. By the way when you're in any kind of relationship you have to take this in mind: Your partner goes first then your friends come in second.

      There is something else, if you start dating someone else then it meant you stopped loving your partner and because of that, the long distance relationship wasn't your thing. Which is completely fine too.

      Also take this in mind

      "You'll never stop knowing a person, not even when you marry them"

      So basically calendar time or time alone is something no one should give a damn about after all "Time" is just a measurement made my humanity.

      Lastly, even if you're bored from everything else that's also basically a trial because Everyone is gonna get bored of their partner at some point and it will become words during marriage which is the final goal to every relationship including long distance ones. When they are serious of course

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      Unless one of you is seriously contemplating relocating at some point in the near future odds are it won't last.

      You wouldn't believe how many high school sweethearts go away to different colleges believing they will maintain a long-distance relationship for the next 4-6 years! They're too immature to realize just how unrealistic they are.

      Eventually one or both of them gets bored with just going to class and studying in their dorm room. At some point they make new friends on campus, maybe join a fraternity or sorority, participate in social activities/dances on campus, and eventually start dating someone.

      In other instances you have people who met while one of them was on vacation. They had a great time together and instead of leaving it at that they decide to embark upon having a long distance relationship.

      Essentially they began the relationship without having an "end date" where one of them would be relocating. They're just "testing the waters" to see where things (might) go.

      However if there is no "deadline" or "light at the end of tunnel" for when you'll finally be together forever eventually you breakup. It's a matter of time.

      Lastly you have couples who may be married and one of them is in the military. That person gets deployed to another country for several months or over a year. Obviously there are no plans for their spouse to relocate. Therefore they're stuck being in a long-distance relationship.

      As you noted there are some good things about being in a LDR.

      Generally speaking whenever you do get together it's like being on a "romantic vacation" complete with the sad ending when it's time for one of you to go back home. No one takes anyone for granted and you strive to "make the most" of your time together.

      Another thing is LDRs become more emotionally intense and there is a (loss of reality when discussing time together).

      One example might be a couple who gets together one weekend per quarter or every 4 months. At the end of the year they will claim they have "been together" for one year. However their {actual time together} would have only been 8 days!

      Believe it or not some people in this position have gotten engaged!

      Odds are if they had lived in the same city the whole time there is no way they'd be considering marriage after being together for only 8 dates.

      Calendar time and actual time together are two different things!

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Abelardo Lara 

      2 years ago

      I'm completely with you, of course long distance relationships are not meant to be permanent.

      Of course you also know when your partner is just "passing the time" since you know them even more through texting. I'm actually in a long distance relationship so I completely get your point and I agree with you.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      Long distance relationships were meant to be temporary!

      Ultimately the goal is to {be with} the person you love!

      Whenever a couple enters into a long distance relationship and there is no "light at the end of tunnel" eventually one of them will throw in the towel.

      It's the counting down the months, weeks, and days until you're finally done with the inconvenience of being in a long distance relationship that keeps it strong!

      The only reason for being in a long-distance relationship is the belief that you have met "the one". If someone is simply "passing the time" they may as well do that with someone locally.

      One man's opinion!:)


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