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Lame reasons why people cheat

Updated on September 17, 2009

Why people cheat

 Guys and girls why do people cheat? Both sexes can be just as guilty as the other when it comes to cheating on their partners. Men and women will always have their own reasons as to why they cheat, cheated or will cheat on their partners. There are many reasons to why people cheat and so many of them do not make sense.

Why people cheat can be a very touchy subject to most. Many men and women will still stick by their partner when the facts of their cheating comes to light. Some of the excuses people give to why people cheat can sound pretty silly. Read on for reasons why men and women cheat on each other. Some of the reasons sound very ridicules.

Why people cheat

Read the short list below to some of the lamest reasons to why people cheat on each other. You may or may not have heard these reasons or excuses before but people have in fact used some of these lame reasons to why they cheat, cheated or will cheat.

Sex- Men and women love to use sex as a reason to cheat on each other. Is anything sex related even a good reasons as for why people cheat? Of course it is not a good reason. Men and women will say that they don't get enough sex, or their sex life is at a halt or they want to spice things up and they through out every other sex related excuse out there. Sex is not a justifiable reasons as to why people cheat.

Communication- This is another lame excuse as to why people cheat. A lot of men and women will say that their partner doesn't like to communicate well with them or they hardly talk or the person they are cheating with understands them etc.. Communication is not a good reason as to why people cheat and it is a lame reason at that.

Loneliness- Another lame reason for why people cheat is loneliness. Men and women love to say that their partner is always to busy for them or the are always working or that they are aways traveling and everything else in between. They love to say that another person gives them the attention they deserve and that they always want to spend time and the list can go on but this is another lame reason as for why people cheat.

Getting even- Getting even is one of the worst reasons people give for why people cheat. Two wrongs do not make a right and this is just a crazy reason to cheat on someone. Getting even is definitely one of the worst reasons that is given as to why people cheat.

Cheating is wrong

 The list above is the top three reasons as for why people cheat on one another. Cheating is wrong in every single way possible and people should not be with a person if they just plan on cheating on them. There is never a good excuse to why people cheat on one another and that is that.


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    • profile image

      mangwako 5 years ago

      another reason may be seeking for security or protecting your previous one,it is not easy to jst move on when a person tell o that is over so he must find some how around

    • profile image

      Dineo 5 years ago

      there is nothing wrong with cheating it is a part of life and every individual must accept,mistakes also happen

    • Jessica Horn profile image

      Jessica Horn 8 years ago

      Cheating is for weak people with low self esteems. Plain and simple.