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Why you should let the guy be the one to say the first "I love you"- A man likes thrill of chase, don't make it too easy

Updated on August 9, 2012

So you're in love, and you're ready to say it. Your guy hasn't said it yet, you're tired of waiting, and you're wondering if you should go first.

Here are the reasons why you should let your guy be the one to say the first "I love you":

  • Guys love the thrill of the chase. If you say it first, you are making it too easy for him. If he doesn't have to "fight" to get you, he may take you for granted.
  • If you say it too soon, when he is not ready, it may scare him away.
  • He may still be confused about his feelings. If you say you love him, he may feel forced to say it back, without knowing if he means it for sure.
  • He may have made a grand plan for saying it, and if you say it first instead, you will wreck that plan.

Some guys need a little pushing too- some of them are never ready to take the chance for fears of being rejected. So be the judge, and decide if you should say it first. Do what's best in your case.


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