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Don't pick ordinary dates, pick extraordinary ones

Updated on October 28, 2015

After a failed attempt at asking a girl out, i stopped looking for ordinary people. As a kid growing up, i never asked out many girls. It wasn't just because i was shy, but also my gut feeling. After many years, i finally understand why. It's because they're all the same. They have the same hair, personality, looks, interests, mannerisms, and attitudes. Nothing about them stands out from the crowd.

My gut told me that this girl would reject me, but i still the risk. What did i learn? I was true to myself as a unique individual. It was only then that i realized that those who are ordinary do not attract those who are extraordinary. In the past, i realized i blended in with people whom not many acknowledged. The ordinary mindset seeks to conform but extraordinary individuals break free from the norm. Yes it's true we are all extraordinary, but many give into the pressures to be accepted by most.

I realized that i am unique individual and extraordinary. My religious beliefs, my interests, and my goals are what separates me from most people. It is this realization that caused me to feel better about myself. I soon discovered that because i am extraordinary, i am too good to be with an ordinary girl. Dating an ordinary girl will not bring me anything fruitful. Dating someone who can handle my craziness makes enjoyable companionship.

Dating someone extraordinary allows you to have freedom. The freedom from judgment and ridicule. The freedom in knowing that you don't have to go out for dinner on a date or engage in physical affection. It allows you to be more tolerant of different opinions, beliefs, customs, cultures, personalities, etc. It allows you to see into who you truly are as a person. "Ordinary" people don't challenge themselves. They're afraid of what people think of them and of breaking free from their everyday routine.

With this in mind, who you are as a person defines what "extraordinary" means. It can range from the choice of clothes to personality, and even to their amount of love or passions.

It's about creating standards in a partner that help you grow beyond your limits. This can be choosing a partner who makes sacrifices for complete strangers or someone with tremendous patience. Choosing a compatible partner that will help you with your personal growth, creates an over-satisfying relationship.

Would you date someone ordinary or extraordinary?

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