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Will Cook for Sex

Updated on May 21, 2014
Think these will put her in the mood after dinner?  Think again.
Think these will put her in the mood after dinner? Think again. | Source

The Key to Arousal

There are many foods known throughout the ages for sexual enhancement, and they all have one thing in common: circulatory health. The enhancement of sensitivity and the excretion of mucus are all a sign of a good circulatory system working properly. Sexual health is a part of your total body's health. Many diabetics, male and female, take their health seriously when they experience incompetence (males) or inflammation of the privates (female). If you keep the system clean and flowing, you will find that your body will be more than ready to perform when the moment comes. Your stamina will increase as well, and for you guys who think it is normal to be completely drained after the act, you will not be depleted or sluggish.

Sex Drive Destruction

So you are making her dinner, dessert and a "night cap". If the dessert involves cake or ice cream, forget about getting lucky. According to the list of libido killers on, the oysters are also a no-no. Oysters are touted as being a passion fueling food due to their richness in zinc. The idea is if she eats enough zinc, she will have increased blood flow and sensitivity in her, um, nether region. Zinc does indeed carry these properties; however, the toxicity oysters carry from the ocean far outweigh the benefits. So now that you know what not to do, here is a demo of what you can do.

Now for the Main Event

Here is a sample menu with an attack on three fronts. We are going to start off with a swiss chard salad with blackberry-clove vinaigrette. The blackberries are the star of the salad, as they will get things percolating. This is just the beginning of your plot.

A Salad Dressed to Impress

This light and tasty salad is sure to get things going.
This light and tasty salad is sure to get things going. | Source

The Love Below

This meal is the second phase of your genius plan.
This meal is the second phase of your genius plan. | Source

Phase Two

Now that she is putty in your hands, you are going to serve the entree. This next dish features the expensive and potent spice saffron to add kindling to your romantic fire. You will also win points for taking her palate on a trip to Persia. The plan is working excellently. Insert diabolical laugh here.

Sweeten the Deal, Then Seal It

Let these sweet and tender victuals earn your victory.
Let these sweet and tender victuals earn your victory. | Source

Bringing Home the Gold

So now it is time for dessert. You don't want to offer something heavy. It will be counterproductive. So what to do after such a yummy meal?

How about some sensual, succulent poached figs covered in honey cream?

Not only is the sweet and sumptuous dessert suggestive, but the figs are a libido lifter as well! By now you two should be getting along swimmingly and ready to turn in for the night.

Other Practical Ideas

If you are already married or sharing living quarters, here are some simple tips for getting her in the mood with food:

  • Make a ginseng and ginger tea for her in the morning on a shared day off. She will not be able to complain about lethargy or libido, because you just hit her with the one-two punch.
  • give her fresh blackberries and figs as a toping for a salad, or fig spread as a condiment for a sandwich. Not only are these additions healthy and delicious, they will keep her as putty in your hands.
  • Offer to cook at random. She will only think it is sweet, exotic and sappy. The poor girl will not even be aware of your schemes!

Sexy Food

What Turns You On?

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