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Wisdom Sayings on Life and Religion

Updated on July 23, 2008

25 Wise Quotes on Religion and Life

1. Worry is interest on a debt that may never need to be paid.

2. Baptism is like an I.D. card - it gives a sense of identity and belonging.

3. Baptism is like a credit card. God says "I love you. I want you to be one of my people." Later, when we are in need, when life leaves us empty-handed, when we need courage and strength and reassurance - we have an endless source of love available to us, without cost and without limits.

4. The Church is God's sales force in the world.

5. Isaiah felt discouraged because he had failed to covert all of Israel, so God answered by sending hinm to preach to the rest of the world too! God's answer to our discouragement is always new mission

6. The urge to outreach our limits is part of what it means to be human. Temptation thrives on our dissatisfaction with limits.

7. If we imagine that tossing off our limits constitutes freedom, we are mistaken. The truth is that freedom is learning to live within our limits.

8. The key element in the women's discovery of the empty tomb at Easter was fear. They were afraid of what they saw and found. They did not try to hide the truth of that morning. They tried to hide from it.

9. One of the great signs of God's mercy is that God continually forces us to expand our horizons.

10. To hope for something better is to commit oneself to living in that hope. Hope becomes real as we live it.

11. Four of the emptiest words in the English language have to be, 'But I meant to . . . ' Someone once said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." If that's so, then we are all card-carrying members of the Devil's bricklayers union!

12. People who talk a good game usually don't play very well.

13. Possibilities are not cure-alls. They are simply changes, openings, beginnings, things that have the "ability" of becoming "possible."

14. Believers are meant to be God's care packages, parcels sent to share God's loving concern for others.

15. Usually, we want the future to come pre-packaged in last year's wrappings. No wonder we lose hope! While God is doing new things we rummage around in the familiar.

16. We don't need to manufacture joy. All we need to do is react to it.

17. The Christmas shepherds were God's P.R. staff."

18. Christianity is not in the business of writing prescriptions, just pronouncing us cured!

19. As with plants, new growth in us always sprouts from the scars of the past.

20. Believers are like the keepers of lighthouses. We don't make the light; our job is just to keep the lenses clean and the bulbs in place.

21. The God-question is not about God at all; instead it asks, 'Why should there be a me?'

22. Commitments are plans for living based on the choices we make.

23. The best tool for conversion is . . . a good example.

24. If life is like God's garden, then we are meant to be the flowers.

25. If you don't understand the words on the sign above Jesus' cross at the crucifixion, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews", then translate it instead as: "I care. Signed: God"


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